Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plant a seed...

I'm burn'n daylight planting in the garden of delights, like a wild blue eyed granny. A post on straw bale gardening in cowcamp is coming here soon. 

not my picture, not my garden...sigh

In the mean time, if you have a moment to spare and I hope you do... you can read LL's great post on Social Values...


  1. Hope you have some real corned beef or a skelp of bacon to go with those cabbages!

  2. GRANNYMAR: I missed putting the disclaimer on the photo, fixed that, thanks. It gets too hot here to grow cabbage as beautiful as those. What is a skelp?

  3. Thank you for the plug on my blog.

    There is nothing better than fresh produce. Nothing tastes better or is better for you.

  4. Not your garden. HOw dare you tempt us that way. Our lettuce is almost ready to harvest and we have planted bok choi. Next come the hot weather plants.

  5. Nothing better that fresh produce. I lucked out this year. Kale that I planted in the fall didn't get big enough to harvest so I just left the immature plants in the raised bed. It survived frost and being buried in snow all winter and is now thriving. Love a garden that tends itself.

  6. LL: Thank you sir, for an interesting blog post. Fresh from the garden is yummy!

    TABOR: Just whetting your appetite for things to come... I have grown bok-choi one time, it was not a hit here.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Easy gardening is a lot more fun, and fresh is so good for you. Glad to hear you over wintered well!!!