Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sure enough...

Tis important to have dreams, I think. They give rise to hopes and plans and more delicious dreams. 

I have long held the dream of a home. It sets at the edge of a large meadow, just back in the trees, to give it protection. There is a year round stream that winds  through the meadow, to swim in, fish in, for water and to irrigate with. A small barn and lodge pole corrals are downwind of the house.  Several horses live there as well as a few goats for cheese, packing, and brush control.  I would prefer cows, but they are not as efficient. Hold up there it's my dream, so, there are also a few head of beef cattle for meat, hides, and to work the horses on. Of course, there are a few hens to grub for bugs, provide eggs, and fly tying material. There are Border Collies to protect and Scotties just because.  
A large well fenced garden for food, and flowers is near the house. 
The house is simple, one story, heated by a wood stove.  There is a wall of books, and maps, a few old leather couches, with blankets to curl up in and lanterns for when the power is off. The bedrooms are just right for sleeping in with big beds covered in down duvets and camp blankets.  It has a tin roof so that when the thunder boomers come rolling in you can hear the rain.  All the windows have  stout shutters for hard times or bad weather. It has a wrap around porch with a collection of old chairs and rockers, and a swing for little ones to curl up on. There is a firepit  to barbeque on or take the chill off evening gatherings.  A spring house is up behind the house and provides cold storage for everything from pies to produce, to wine.
Most importantly, there is a man there, who has integrity to his very soul. A man who can see beyond the years, and is sure enough to hold a woman's calloused hand.


  1. A wonderful dream, I was living it for the moment!

  2. Have you seen this house only in your dreams or perhaps, is it somewhere, waiting for the right time to be found?

    You've captured the description of your dream house and dream accoutrements and dream man with the specificity needed to help the reader not only see your home but also see your soul.

    The best part of the piece is your final sentence. It was a nice surprise and immediately created an image.

    This piece of writing is very well done, one of your best.

  3. No guns? Have you gone soft on us, Brighid? ;^)

  4. Lovely dream, sometimes putting voice to it begins the possibility.

  5. Wow, you do believe in Heaven.

  6. Dreams can come true they say.

  7. You have found my place in Idaho.
    Are you accepting applications at this time?


  8. Don't forget the naps on the porch.

  9. It should be everyone's goal to find somewhere that is as close as possible to their dream, whatever that may be.

  10. GRANNYMAR: Glad you could come along...

    OLD NFO: Yes, Sir.

    CHERI BLOCK: It's out there somewhere! Thank You for your praise, it means a lot.

    LL: They are there, just didn't mention them.

    CELIA: I think so too.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: You bet I do.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Keep that thought.

    DIESEL SMOKE: Thanks for stopping by, and LOL...yes!

    ODIE: They are part of the picture for sure.

    C W SWANSON: I wholeheartedly agree!