Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gone Fish'n...

Dad has spent a couple of weeks scouring online ads for a boat, a fishing boat.  When he found The boat he had me contact the owner via e-mail and Dad took it from there.  A few days later he proudly told me he had bought The boat.  
"How are you going to get it home", I asked.  "Oh I will arrange for my friend to take me down to pick it up" he said.  In short order a plan was made, and off they went. 
 "Where are you going to put it?" I asked.  
"I'll put it on the pad at my friend's place," he said.  "But for now we'll put it in the garage here, it needs a little work," he said. 
"What does a little work mean?" I asked.  
"Oh just this and that and a few other things," he said.
So they brought it home, and the very next day she was baptized in the waters of the  Sacramento river, along with Dad & his crony! 

Sacramento River

It seems Dad was driving and got hung on a gravel bar, instead of pouring the coal to her, and planing over it, he killed the throttle, sticking them on the gravel bar.  The crony hopped out to push them off, but soon realized Dad was going to have to get out as well.  Dad made it out, promptly lost his footing, and ended up setting down in six inches of water.  He and the crony were laughing so hard, they almost didn't get Dad back in the boat.
Now it is in a place of honor in the garage, supposedly so she doesn't get rained on.  In reality, so Dad can work on her late into the night.  She has been stripped of all her ratty ol carpet, and the rotted captain's seat tossed in the garbage.  Dad has given me a lengthy list nearly every evening of assorted "little things" to order on-line for her. 
He takes everyone who comes by out to the garage to admire his fish'n boat. So far, He and I seem to be the only ones that get it: he has a project to keep him busy, he wants to go fishing, and he's 90 years old so he needs to gett'r done now.
Dad working on his fish'n boat.

He said I could call him "Captain", I said I would call him "Ol Swampy".
He said Willie the Jack Russell, could go fish'n with us.  I said he could, but we had to call him "Gator Bait" when he was in the boat.

So, as soon as that ugly ol flat bottom boat is fixed up, Ol Swampy, Gator Bait, and I are gone fish'n.   


  1. I can see the stories coming... :-)

  2. Oh, HOW FUN!

    That will be completely delicious to read more about. I'm with Old NFO on that score.

  3. Wonderful, I can see you all out there. Some of my best memories are of fishing with my Dad. Glad your Dad has a project he loves.

  4. What a great project. I just hope he is not like my former boss who worked on a Cheoy Lee sailboat for decades and it never saw the water.

  5. OLD NFO: Of course, You would!

    LL: The Stripers are running, isn't it time you visited

    GRANNYMAR: LOL, I do too!

    CELIA: Good memories for sure. He has needed this in more ways than one.

    TABOR: No worries, he'll gett'r done. He is checking the fish report daily!!!

  6. What the perfect thing to give a guy a reason to get up. Men do need a project to feel useful. A boat that needed no fix-in would have not done the job. Hope you all get to go fishing soon.

  7. We should all take heed at your father's willful purchase, his maiden voyage on his new ark, the first travail, and the dry-dock synergy.

    It is this type of spirit that moves a man or a woman.
    It is this type of gusto that sustains the laugh.

    I can clearly see from the image of your Noah and his Ark that before long, the voyage shall commence.

  8. You can make the gone fishin' sign and it best be purty spectacular.

  9. I hear those old sturgeon will take you for a ride.

  10. ARKANSAS PATTI: I think that holds true for most of us. He is making great progress, so soon I think!

    CHERI BLOCK: aah, spirit & gusto, may they ever drive us onward...

    GRANNY ANNIE: Oh, great idea, on it!

    ODIE: This is a beautiful stretch of the river. Bring the Mrs. and come go with us!