Monday, April 21, 2014

The Fact of the Matter...

Family offered me seats in their Rodeo box for two days, but no rodeo for me this go round. Too much going on at the home front with mom.  Next year if at all possible, and I'm good with that. Best big corn dogs and beer in the West, ummm, Best Rodeo in the West, too!

I want to mention that we have some good, honest, hardworking, local friends that are rodeo stock contractors.  They were hauling cattle to a rodeo in Nevada when the whole Bundy thing was heating up.  A jackwagon from so cal with a radio program posted FB pics of their truck and stock trailer (which of course has their name all over it) and made remarks that were totally untrue.  Because a media jackwagon and his cadre of followers never bothered to fact check, the guys have received multiple death threats, both on the road and here at home.  Many of us called the jackwagon about his posts, he has since apologized and removed the posts.  But the damage has not been entirely mitigated,  because so many read & heard the original posts and passed them on, and not the retractions.  We all need to remember to take the stuff that is put out there with a large grain of salt, and fact check, fact check, fact check.


  1. I'm sorry you missed the big show.

  2. My father had two phrases that fit here:

    1. Paper won't refuse ink.
    2. Don't believe all you read or half you see!

    Sorry you missed the fun and the show.

  3. This is a good reminder. I often get information from groups that I like and then when I actually read the full link or report, I find it is not EXACTLY what they say. Emotion clouds the truth and I am so sorry your friends got caught up in this mess.

  4. Some people will "like" "share" or "forward" anything on Facebook without caring if it is true and never consider the far-reaching ramifications.

  5. Sorry you missed it. We have two Rodeos up here. The little Truckee one and the huge Reno Show.

  6. Sorry you missed the show, and concur on the fact check...

  7. But facts can be such pesky little details that don't always fit the agenda.

  8. Sorry you are missing the show.
    Some how people think if it is on the Internet it is gospel. I check everything that comes my way and 90% of the time it is wrong.

  9. LL: There is next year to look forward to.

    GRANNYMAR: Yep, your dad's phrases are applicable. Thanks.

    TABOR: Thanks, I'm sorry too.

    GRANNY ANNIE: They sure do, dang it!

    ODIE: Thanks, I love the Bob Feist Invitational: BFI team roping event in Reno.

    OLD NFO: Thanks, hope to make it next year.

    KRIS: Thanks for stopping by, and yes they can be lost in the rhetoric.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: No worries, but thanks! Yep, FB seems to be a hot bed of misinformation.