Friday, April 11, 2014

Tenkara me away...

Would you be up for a road trip, I sure would. It is fast approaching the time of year when I expect to move camp, we moved twice a year with the cattle for so many years.
While doing a little research on a totally unrelated matter, which is bound to get me in hot water,  I came across a new (to me) fly rod... 

 Hot damn...

Doesn't that look like more fun than an ol cowgirl should have...? 

Sprague River

One summer on the Sprague, we had 500 first calf heifers to ride thru twice a day.  The field they were in was bordered on one side by the river. I could saddle up, put one kid in front and one kid in back of me, tie on a fly rod, ride thru the heifers on the way to the river, fish, and ride thru the heifers again on the way home, with dinner tucked in the cantle pack.
With a little planning I can make a big enough loop to visit family, pickup a rod at the Tenkara Rod Co. in Boise, fish, visit family, fish, visit family, fish...


  1. You really know how to capitalize the moment. Fly fishing is just neat to watch. So graceful.

  2. Sounds like an excuse for a roadtrip... I needz a new fishing pole!!! ;-)

  3. Oh now you've gone and done it. Awakened an old jealousy I had for stories Ron would tell about his friendship with Valerie Shakespeare of the Shakespeare Company makers of fishing tackle, etc.

    I like to fish from the bank but will never be skilled enough to fly fish from the back of a moving horse. You da bomb!

  4. I am not a big fisherwoman, but am married to a BIG fisherman and can hold my own. Fly fishing on the other hand is an art, and you have to really want to do it to be good at it. I get a kick out of all the fancy costumes the tourists wear when they are fly fishing in Colorado.

  5. Damn if that doesn't look like the Little Truckee. Get to fishin Gal.

  6. GRANNY MAR: I sure thing so!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Not sure it's art the way I do it, but it's fun!

    CELIA: Thanks, there ought to be some good streams near you...

    OLD NFO: YeeHaw to road trips that get us out in the fresh air near water.

    GRANNY ANNIE: That is interesting about Ron, bet he had great stories. LOL, No high explosives here, I got off the horse to fish...

    TABOR: It is an art form like any other, and I too get a kick out of seeing the guys with all the high $ gear in the wild... (Is that reverse snobbishness?)

    ODIE: Now that you mention it, it does doesn't it! As soon as I find a reliable caregiver for the folks, I'm there.