Sunday, May 11, 2014

Every Single Minute...

A recap ...of sorts...
Ol Swampy (Dad) has finished refurbishing his fishing boat.  New carpet, rod holders, tie downs for the gas tanks, a new driver's seat, and a new receiver, license, registration, and tags.  He was getting ansey to hit the water and fish, I asked him to holdup a bit...  as I planned to add a couple of little things: like a new quick coupler for the fuel line, a fire extinguisher, and a first aide kit. With those added, I put the Lone Wolf tee shirt over the new seat to give it a bit of character, and he was ready. 

 He and his cronie took the boat out and had a good day on the water. No fish were caught, but they ran into the F&G marine biologist and he gave them the low down on where the fish were for next time.  I hope to work it so I can go to.  I need to come up with a fitting name for that boat.

I've been saving up for a long time to get a kayak, and finally got to a budget point that it felt doable.  Nothing fancy, just something to get me on the water. 

Got the whole kit, and the kind man at the sporting goods store helped me put the kayak on my little suv's roof rack, tied it down and I was good to go. I stopped once on the way home to check the tiedowns,  but there were no problems at freeway speeds with a strong cross wind.  

Thing was, two of us put it up there and I want to be able to do it all by myself.  So when I got home I went to take it off the roof rack and that damn thing is slippery as snot.  I did get it off, and we won't say much about the mirror I knocked cattywampis nor the screw that I knocked off the kayak.  There is the thought that my tire sensors just haven't found that screw, yet.  
My sister-in-law called to say they were kayaking the river the next day.  YeeHaw, I'm all in!  Thing is, I'm still bound and determined to load and unload the kayak by myself. So again we won't say much about my struggle to get it up on the roof racks and in doing so busting off my antenna. Ah heck, the radio still works and I'm not big on satellite tracking anyway! Next day we kayaked the river for about ten+ miles with a strong head wind, shot some rapids, dodged some big boulders, did the spin in a couple of whirlpools, and saw a lot of critters, fish, and birds.  
 The river is low, cold, and clear, which will make you sick if you look down thru the water to the bottom while moving at speed, who knew.   I managed to ask so many questions of my BIL, that he finally said, "I Don't Know how many knots the river is running at, the water temp, or ...!" I like him, he's a good man. After we came thru a dicey set of rapids, my SIL paddled over to me, took a look at my face with the ear to ear grin and said, "OMG, there is totally no fear in your eyes!"  Why would there be, I loved every single minute of it.


  1. You need to mount something like a Benelli H2O shotgun to the kayak so that they will know that you mean business when you're out on the water. will give you current Sacramento River current feed. I don't think that they provide it in knots, but you can figure that out if you have the width, depth and flow information...

    Anyway, the new boat(s) and the adventure all sounds quite fun.

  2. I run into the same challenge with my 17' Old Towne canoe. Try loading if from the rear. I have a rack on the top of the Jeep. Once the bow of the canoe is firmly over the rear bar, I can just lift and slide.

    Sounds like you had a great time with plenty of summer to come! Enjoy!!

  3. LL: Geez, if I could afford that sweet M4H2O,I'm sure the BIL(Marine, retired LEO)would help find a way to mount it on the kayak. But, I need to learn how to roll the kayak first... Thanks for the river website tip!

    BILL: My problem is the clip on pads won't let it slid, which is great when driving, not so great putting it on or taking it off...I may have to go to a different system, working on it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Exciting that you're out there. I had a nice, small station wagon to put my kayak on. The height was good. I saw some kind of roll bar that could be mounted on the rear of your vehicle at a boat show.

  5. I got my kayak to Ar. on the roof and swore never again. I now have a tiny pick up truck that it mostly fits into the bed. Works great for this 74 year old. Good luck

  6. You're brave Brighid. I'd be so scaredey-cat to go kayaking. But it sounds tremendous fun.

  7. YOu are one determined gal. I suggest you get a small rack and mount the kayak bow first from the rear end of the car, then slide it on up and tie it off. That should avoid any problems. I have helped my husband mount large and heavy canoes that way, so I would think it would work for a light kayak. Have fun. Nothing like cruising the waters.

  8. CELIA: I'm excited as well! Will check out the roller, thanks for the tip.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: You go girl. Not far behind you at 67. I have to make my new little suv work.

    NELLY: Have you ever tried it? I love being on/in the water, learned to swim early early on.

    TABOR: Thanks for the tip. You say determined and so do I, there are those that say HARD headed....ppppfff.

  9. Good for you, and those busted parts CAN be fixed... Just sayin...

  10. OLD NFO: Thanks, and yes they can, but it seems I may have gone a little bit over budget cause of the cigars & scotch to celebrate the Kayak!

  11. Kayaking really sounds like fun. I've been thinking about getting one for a long time. I think I may follow you and your Dad's lead here. I ain't gettin' no younger!

  12. We will see fear in your eyes when you price replacing that antenna.

  13. SIX: It is really nice. I hope you guys give it a try.

    GRANNY ANNIE: LOL... I just knew you would catch the antenna part! McGuivering is a way of life in cowcamp, and duck tape comes in a lot of interesting colors...