Monday, May 19, 2014

What's your Quirk?

We had YeeHaw weather today.  Much cooler than the upper 90's we have been having, with beautiful white clouds in a blue blue sky this morning.Perfect morning run/walk/jog weather.
Willie does not like to leave the house at early early to run up & down hills thru the oaks. I don't quite get why that is, but then about a mile out he sorta wakes up.
Willie trying to sleep in

He also gets cranky that I boot him out of bed so I can make the bed before we leave.
Where the "must make the bed" before leaving the house quirk comes from I'm not sure.  I had hoped that my immediate family would let this & a few other quirks go unnoticed all these years, and they have.  But, a first cousin stopped by the other day and one of the first things she said was... "When I was little I always loved to stay with you, because you always slept with the windows open and one foot outside the covers, and you always made the bed first thing..."  
"ah well,"  I said, "I still do."
I didn't tell her that when I was going through a teenage rough patch, I spent six months sleeping on the floor beside my perfectly made bed.  I think it had something to do with rebellion that my bed had to be made just so to pass mother's inspection, or maybe I was just too lazy to make it to mother's standards.  lol, I can't remember why I finally decided it was a heck of a lot more comfortable sleeping in a bed.  
Though the "have to make my bed" has remained with me, it does  not  appear  to   be  gene related because none of my kids or grandkids have this quirk.    


  1. That's a good quirk.

    I thought this was going to be a sicko-sexual tell-all about urges and itches that needed to be scratched. The compulsion to keep your bed orderly hardly qualifies as a confession.

    It's sort of like me admitting that I do my laundry once weekly and fold my clothes and put them away in the proper drawer...

  2. I cannot settle in a room that has opened doors or drawers. This quirk worries me more when I am feeling stressed.

    However I've been up for hours and still haven't made my bed. There is a sleeping dog in it. Lazy beast!

  3. My mother raised me to make my bed first thing in the morning guaranteeing that the whole day would go better if I did. I believed it and did that my whole life until I met Ron. His mother raised him never to make the bed because if he did they would get bed bugs. Needless to say we had some serious discussions about that. His mother raised five boys and I think she made that up so she wouldn't have to hassle with them or make the beds herself.

  4. It's all about order... and if the bed's made, you won't crawl back in it... LOL

  5. Ha, ha, me too, although these days when I make it I doubt it would pass any muster.

  6. Lu has that exact quirk. It's even passed on to me a bit. I never make it when she's away but on the day she comes home I make sure the bed is made.

    As for me. I walk around the house turning off lights in rooms where there's no one actively using it.

    Dang kids!!

  7. I may not always comb my hair till noon or go out, which ever comes first, but the bed is made while it is still warm.

  8. I also used to be in the habit of making my bed when I first got up and I hate having an unmade bed in the room. BUT these days I am up hours before hubby and he sometimes remembers to make the bed!

  9. LL: LOL, sorry to disappoint! Sounds like you have a good quirk.

    NELLY: Feng Shui can do that to you. Willie would love to be a lazy beast, he is the mellowest Jack Russell I have ever seen.

    GRANNY ANNIE: I bet those discussions where interesting.

    OLD NFO: That is true, I can't crawl back in, dang.

    CELIA: It's good to know there are others with this quirk. Thanks.

    SIX: Another one, Yeah! I've been doing the lights off thing, too!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Yes Ma'am!

    TABOR: My quirk is stronger than ever... I was in such a hurry one morning, I made the bed with the Cowman still in it...

  10. I straighten the bottom sheet and turn down the duvet to air the bed. I only turn it up when I am preparing for bed.