Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grad night...

Back to it after a whirlwind couple of  days with Marymine and crew.  It was good for my soul to spend time with them. A crazy busy time: talking, sharing stories, meals, shopping, hauling kids every which way, and going to graduations.
First night was Lauren's 8th grade graduation

Next night was Colt's high school graduation
 Ali is home too, so there was a lot of hugging going around. Cody couldn't make it but will have a short leave the end of next month before reporting to Bethesda. I will hopefully get to see him then.  
Marymine's yard looks wonderful with the new landscaping, and her veggie garden is growing like gangbusters.  We both like repurposing things... this is her new fire pit:
 Colt got it for her, and welded a steel plate in the center to lay the fire on.  Works like a charm. Do you know what it is?


  1. Large rear wheel for a tractor?

    That's a fine looking bunch of graduates.

  2. Now that is better. A couple of minutes ago, I somehow got into where you write the posts???

    Now what did I want to say?

    Oh yes, I thought the fire pit thingy came from a tank, you know, the wheely things inside the runners.

    Not alone are your family brainy, they are good lookers too!

  3. Congrats to your grads!!

    That is a second level perambulating wheel from multi-granular obfuscating lithographic homunculus. I haven't seen one of those since ought six or so. We used to have one to back up the old neon two straddle pitcher fork when it went down on occasion (as they are want to do).

    Ah, such memories.

  4. LL: Could be! Thank You, they not only look good, they are good kids.

    GRANNYMAR: Good to hear from you! Not off of a tank, but good guess. Thank You!

    SIX: Thanks. ROFL, I haven't been lucky enough to ever see one of those!

  5. It's a Round Thingy. Looks like the Brighid Family has their priorities straight.

  6. ODIE: That it is! Thanks, we are a work in progress.

  7. Very nice! Congrats to all of them. Give Cody my contact info for when he gets back this way.

  8. OLD NFO: Thanks. That would be awesome,and I know Cody would appreciate it, THANK YOU!