Monday, June 2, 2014

Rising moon...

Those two weeks of spring we had are now over and we are rapidly approaching the days of  
  as it is supposed to start hitting the century mark on the thermometer this week.  
I should be in the mountains where I belong in summer. Some day I will be again, even if it is only as ashes on a hillside over looking a meadow at the headwaters of the Wood River.

Right now I'm looking forward to another kayaking adventure. This one a "full moon on the lake" trip, with one of the sister-in-laws and her church group.  I know, I know... me, a church group, full moon, what could happen right!  It will be fine, I'll wear my floating rosary beads...


  1. At the risk of offending, a life jacket makes more sense than rosary beads...

  2. Full moon on the lake, worth it.

  3. LL: No offense taken, the floating rosary beads are in addition to the PFD.

    CELIA: I think it will be a good time.

  4. An excellent way to beat the heat! Don't forget the sunscreen.

  5. Full NOT going there! :-)

  6. You will have a great time as it is only one night. I have signed myself up for a week's tour of Turkey with a group of Catholics...I am not Catholic nor am I even much of a Christian. Now, I am the one with the need for rosary beads!!

  7. GRANNYMAR: Only the blessed ones work according to Father...

    CW SWANSON: Yep, it would be hard to explain moon burn.

    OLD NFO: LOL good one!

    ODIE: It is in Oregon territory, a ways North of K Falls.

    TABOR: Wow, have a great time. Rosary beads can be considered survival gear.