Saturday, June 14, 2014

Full moon over Whiskey...

Moonlight Madness kayaking on Whiskeytown

Finally, got on the water again thanks to SIL & BIL's invite to go kayaking with them for their church group Moonlight Madness on the Lake.
The people in the group were all strangers to me, but all were very nice and friendly.  
I need to work on my skillset, and take my fishing rod, but had no problems with my cheapo kayak.  I do need to get another PFD.  In my excitement when getting the kayak, I also got a new $$$ PFD. Thing is, it's a guy's PFD and if I cinch it down enough to keep it from choking me, it is way too tight across the chest. If your look'n for a great PFD for a guy, or a flat chested woman (I won't tell) I can make you a heck of a deal.

I like being prepared, so I had packed all my gear in color keyed dry sacks that fit perfectly in the rear well of my kayak.  My SIL teasingly said, "Geez B, you've got enough stuff in there to stay a week. We are only going to be out on the lake for three or four hours."  
"Yep I do, I learned the hard way long ago." 
Later, as we waited for the moon to come up we stopped on a remote island to put our headlights on. That's when one of the ladies slipped getting out of her kayak and took a dip in the lake.  She is diabetic, and was rapidly getting chilled.  Out comes my dry sack with a full change of dry clothes. She changes and we are on our way again.
I wish I had gotten a pic of the full moon rising over the water, it was spectacular, but alas, I couldn't remember which color the dry sack with my phone in it was in time... sigh 


  1. They used to call a PFD a "Mae West". It made more sense in that context. Though I caution you against asking the nice church men to "come on up and see me sometime."

  2. LL: I... Oh hell...ROFLMAO!

  3. This months moon is spectacular. I site this morning early reading blogs and watching it's magnificence as it competes with the rising sun. I like people who are prepared and as long as they carry their own gear I am happy.

  4. Smart lady, and yes, 'some' of those lessons stay with us for life! :-)

  5. Sounds like a great trip and I'm with you on the preparedness business. Just a little prep can mean so much, your friend was lucky to have you there.

    When I worked in Seattle our company gave us all a first aid, CPR and preparedness class after a small earthquake set our fire sprinklers off and soaked everyone. Who knew? The first thing the instructor did was hand out those little emergency rain ponchos.

    Next the instructor asked everyone to raise their hands if they filled their gas tank when it got down half, which was about half the class. Good for keeping warm, but no one will be leaving Seattle in a car in an earthquake. They'll be stuck in the biggest traffic snarl ever.

    Next he asked who had water in their car about half the hands went down, then he asked about extra clothes & a first aid kit, a few hands stayed up. "These are the people you want to remember folks, better yet do the same."

  6. TABOR: Just as the moon got over the mtn tops it was so beautiful, you could hear awes from all over the lake.I always pack my own gear.

    OLD NFO: Yep they sure do!

    CELIA: What a good class to take. I have pared down what I have in go bags, but it is still a lot.

  7. That looks like fun! I understand the PFD thing. Since I have a set built in, the real ones are sort of hard to cinch up.

  8. And you had a change of dry clothing!!! Much more important than finding the camera. Be Prepared is the best motto.

  9. Which full moon were you referring to?

  10. BRIGID: LOL Yep!

    GRANNY ANNIE: Yes, I did, and being prepared is a good thing.

    ODIE: The one in the sky!