Thursday, June 12, 2014

Go Fish...

Dad and I are gone steelhead fishing...*

I will try to remember to take pics, but when we're fish'n... we fish!

*Well damn, here we are back home at 11AM, and all we did was get the trailer wet. Got to the launch ramp, unhooked the boat from the trailer, backed the trailer down the ramp, got Dad in the boat to drive it off the trailer, backed the trailer into the river... and the jet wouldn't start... dead battery! (Dad kinda forgot to put the battery on the charger last night, and I forgot to ask him if he had.) Hooked the boat back up to the trailer, pulled the whole shoot'n match out of the water, and drove to Dad's cousin's place to put the battery on his charger.  Had coffee with cousin, checked battery only 25% charged,  decided we didn't have enough time left to hit the water before we had to be back home, as the home helper staying with mom would be leaving soon. We will try again next week, and I'm hoping like heck Chipper will be back from the East, so he can go with us.

The good news: the weather is much cooler (90's), the wind is out of the South (not the suck you dry, howling N wind we have had), the river is much higher than it has been, and I found my lucky fish'n shades..

 All good signs for fish on!



  1. As does my husband. I am the one who brings the camera and can fish....or NOT.

  2. Perfect way to spend a day. Some of my best memories are of steelheading with my Dad

  3. TABOR: Dad is 90 and things get dicey fast.

    OLD NFO: I will thanks, next time!

    CELIA: Glad that you have those wonderful memories!

  4. Just being together regardless of the outcome, that's the prize.

  5. Sorry it didn't work out better, but there are still fish left to catch. That's the key.

  6. I have no choice on my boat ... pull the damn handle to start.

  7. GRANNY ANNIE: Yes ma'am!

    LL: Next time!

    ODIE: Yep BTDT, have torn rotator to prove it. LOL