Thursday, June 19, 2014

Notes from No Cows Camp...

It has been a good week, and it's only Wednesday. Went fish'n with Dad Monday. Tuesday I found the little gun shop I have been looking for.  Such a rush to spend a couple of hours with a lot of guns, and listening to the guys.   
 This morning I had a doctor's appt to go over all the test results from my recent physical. He went thru the results line item by line item with me, and said "it's a good thing none of my other patients are as healthy as you are, or I'd be looking for another livelihood.  Your stats are all great, you don't need any meds, don't have any issues, and that's pretty amazing for someone in your age group. Now, go get your CCW permit and I'll be happy." 
I have been saving up for more than a year to get a new pistol. It seems like I'm always saying, I saved up to get this or do that, but that's the way I roll. If I can't pay cash for it, I simply don't buy it. After having hounded my knowledgeable friends about which gun would work best for my situation, learning, reading, shooting, and feeling like I was never going to find the right one, I found it yesterday. So after my doc appt I hightailed it back to the gun shop and bought it.

 Now I just have to be patient while the background check is done and it's mine. Then on to the CCW class and the CCW permit from the city PD. I best be stopping by Doc's to show him my permit so he can quit worrying about it.
The Wednesday Farmers Market started for the summer this evening. They block off the street in front of the courthouse, a band plays on the courthouse lawn and vendor booths are set up in the street. 

 I listened to the music for a while, a good local band playing classic rock and checked out the vendors. My garden is coming along, as is my SIL's, so I didn't really need anything. 
The band was really pretty darn good, and it was nice to see so many young couples with little kids picnicking on the lawn and enjoying the evening.


  1. Clearly there is no time in the day for cows at the cow camp.

    The pistol looks like the perfect concealed carry choice.

  2. Congrats, now go get the CCW and PRACTICE!

  3. That looks like pistol my son is interested in, enjoy. What a great looking Farmer's Market. I love listening to the music at ours, it's much smaller but there seems to be a lot of talented musicians willing to entertain. Hooray for summer.

  4. LL: I miss being in the real back of beyond.
    Thanks, I think so too.

    OLD NFO: Thank You! Lord knows you have answered a lot of my not so bright questions with honesty & integrity.

    CELIA: I think it is going to serve it's purpose and then some. Farmer's Markets have always been a draw for me. The one in Vancouver WA is a favorite.

  5. Congrats big time on the wonderful check up. Keep doing what ever you are doing for it is obviously right. Good genes help.
    Enjoy that new gun and practice.

  6. Great news on your new pistol. I've always found Sig Sauers to be reliable.

  7. ARKANSAS PATTI: Thanks, I sure hope to stay healthy, and enjoy my new pistol.

    EURIPIDES: Thanks, I'm just a little excited about it...can you tell!

  8. Nice compact Sig! Shoot on and God bless.

  9. LSP: Glad you like it, too. Thank you for the blessing, Lord knows I...

  10. Good luck with that CCW Permit. California is getting goofier by the minute about guns. Get plenty of Ammo because they're going to make you sign for that too pretty soon.

  11. ODIE: I knew it was getting goofy, but this is just plum ridiculous! It wouldn't be nearly so bad if it made any kind of sense, but it doesn't.