Thursday, May 29, 2014


Since it is Throw (way) Back Thursday... 

I think this picture, which is so old it's B&W, was taken the day my brother Buzz graduated from Jr High.  I sort of remember being that young and hugging him.
Two of my grandkids graduate this week, one from high school and one from middle school.  The HS grad, Colt, is going on to diesel mech school.  It is what he wants so he can come home and run the mech end of the farming operation. He knows where his talent lies, and a kinder, more giving young man would be hard to find.
The soon to be high schooler, Lauren, is Miss sports, and has her grandma's quirky sense of humor and fierce loyalty to her family.  Or so I am frequently told by her mother, Marymine. She wants to be a physical therapist this week, mainly because she likes helping people and is a bit bossy...hmmm.
Ali is home on summer break from SouthWestern, and Cody is getting ready to go to Bethesda. So for a few moments in time  I will get to hug on them, and hold them tight.


  1. These are all grandchildren?? You have a rich heritage to watch, it seems.

  2. TABOR: These are some of the grandchildren, there are two more slightly younger in another state.

  3. Love the hair, I had a similar do. It's great seeing the grands go forward into the world. Best of everything to them.

  4. Were you more of a hand-full or trouble then ....or now?

    You may not wish to answer, but I suspect age and cunning will beat out youth and enthusiasm.

  5. That was not an easy do to maintain. Such a cutie.
    I love the names of your grands. Pure West. How neat it must be to watch the progression of your grands and to be proud.

  6. Good looking blond with a "Beehive" in that photo.

  7. CELIA: LOL, we had the hair thing going didn't we! I love seeing my grandkids grow into their own.

    LL: I have no problem answering... It depends on who you ask: my brother says I always have been trouble, my parents would agree, my friends have been warned, and those that don't know me think of me in wonderfully unrealistic terms...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I'm so not good at hair so it was a challenge from the get go. Have never thought about the grands having Western names. Interesting take on that.

    ODIE: LOL... Thanks!!!

  8. "For a few moments in time...." Ah, so precious.