Friday, May 16, 2014


"Are you crafty?" he asked. 
"hummm... no not really, I just like to learn how to do things that could be considered crafty!" I said.

Any granny can crafty


 make pottery,



But being Crafty has many connotations.  I haven't learned this bit of craftiness yet,  but I'm working on it...

aah... craftiness for a granny with a lot of grandkids to protect!


  1. LOL, stick with the ones you know! :-)

  2. I have always considered you to be very crafty...

  3. How about word crafty--think you have that.
    Love those boots.

  4. OLD NFO: Where's the fun in that?

    ODIE: Thank You. Means a lot coming from a True Craftsman!

    LL: aah, thanks... I think!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Me? Nope! Thanks, they were painted for one of the grandgirls to go puddle stomp'n in.

  5. I don't understand. Does the clip become a damaging projectile? I do understand your other crafts.

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  7. WOW! I love all the things you "craftily" create. Wonderful assortment. As a Mor-Mor (Swedish for Mother's Mother; we're not Swedish, but all the other good grandmother names were taken...) I do almost all of the same projects, except I don't build...but after seeing your pictures, I want to try!
    Excellent post.

  8. GRANNY ANNIE: LOL, If only, it is a spoof.

    MARYLIN: Thank you! Oh, I hope you do build in what ever medium suits you!

  9. The deck is beautiful! (as is everything else). I tried knitting when I was a kid. Let's just say what was going to be a scarf took so long and had to be redone so many times that it ended up as a tube dress for my Barbie. I never tried it again, probably should.

  10. BRIGID: Thanks! I'm left handed so it knitting was/is a challenge, the Cowman's granny managed to teach me by having me set across from her.

  11. You are crafty in so many ways. Look at the talent it needs to keep that canoe on the water. I would topple after thirty seconds.