Saturday, March 8, 2014


An accounting of sorts. 
I started this blog to tell the stories of granny's life to her grandchildren.  I have gotten side tracked more than once... I'm a long way from telling it all, and that is probably a good thing.  For now a small reminder to myself... 
 daughter Mary, me, son Sean

To my Awesome Grandchildren,
Together we have made The Best mud pies, flubber, and milkshakes.  Together we have searched far and wide for heart rocks to add to our collection. Together we have planted seeds of food and hope.  Together we have rode horses, picnicked in meadows, and swam in everything from irrigation ditches to oceans.  Together we have built forts and teepees out of the most unlikely things in some unlikely places.  Together we have camped out in the back of beyond and in cowcamp. Together we have blown bubbles from the highest knoll, and watched meteor showers from the bed of an ol pickup.  Together we have hunted, fished, skipped rocks, and stomped in puddles.  Together we have been to your recitals, games, and performances. Together we have been on road trips and seen some wondrous things. Together we have danced, and sang, and read.  Together we have cried and hugged and laughed and Loved. Together.  


  1. What a treasure trunk of togetherness!!

  2. The grandchildren want your time and your love. Nothing else really matters. Nothing else is of any importance.

  3. TABOR: It is Love.

    LL: Your spot on, Evil Claw...

  4. Great memories. Grandkids are great for teaching us to play again too if we get rusty.

  5. A treasure chest of memories and you are all blessed to be part of it.

  6. The key word being "together".

  7. Well my dear, you have discovered the fountain of youth. Enjoy.

  8. CELIA: Yes they are,& I plan on making a lot more.

    GRANNYMAR: We have a good time, come over and join us.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Do you think I over did it...Nope. You probably do the same.

    ODIE: I fear I will never growup to be a sweet little ol lady...

  9. Wonderful picture, fully of promise.

    I like your repetition of the word Together. Nice touch and certainly all of the rich detail had provided your grandchildren with more memories than you could list.

    Now (as I am sure you have done already) pick one of those Togethers and drill down to the rich detail.

  10. Doesn't get any better! And those experiences WILL unite a family!

  11. CHERI BLOCK: Dang Cheri, you are the toughest of mentors, and undoubtedly one of the best. Thank You!

    OLD NFO: Nope it doesn't. Time shared is love shared, with my crew.