Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Notes...

Three great reads by new authors are just waiting for you...
L.B. Johnson has written a wonderful book about a Labrador Retriever, love, and life. 
 For more info on this great book see

Even if you have never had a dog, Barkley will melt your heart...


J.L. Curtis, well known as the blogger Old NFO, has two books out. Read Vignettes first so you get to know the main character, John Cronin. Cronin, a decorated Vietnam veteran, is a Texas rancher and lawman. 

I seem to have fallen a bit in love with John Cronin...sigh

All three books are available from Amazon in both Kindle and paper.


  1. They are both excellent wordsmiths. I'm working through B's book now.

  2. Curtis is one of my very favorite authors!

  3. Those look like great recommendations. I will love it if they are available in audio books also.

  4. That first looks like a great Christmas gift for my sister! I will read reviews on the others, although I tend to always have a long list waiting for me to read.

  5. Thanks for the linky love Brighid! :-)

  6. KEADS: I hope they both continue to ply their craft.

    LL: Mine too, and an ol warrior named Larry B. Lambert...

    GRANNIE ANNIE: You, I think will love them all, especially the Grey Man series.

    TABOR: They all would make great gifts!

    OLD NFO: My pleasure, Sir.

  7. Thanks Brigid. Granny Annie. I'm working on getting The Book of Barkley on audio for an organization that does free audio books for the blind, but it probably won't be available outside of that.

  8. LSP: I know you will like the Grey Man series...Padre.

    BRIGID: You're most welcome. I know that the vet's home really likes audio books as a lot of the residents are of an age were vision is waning.