Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fish bones...

We went fishing this morning and no, we didn't catch a salmon.  It is all about getting out and trying, right!  There was much needed rain here yesterday TYJ, but clear and cool this morning, so off we went...

Fishermen were not as plentiful this morning...

Dad and C rigging the poles prior to putt'n in

while I was checking out some tracks in the water...

I got to fish for a short time while C drove Ol Ugly. He had us laughing with his stories from a recent water fowl hunting trip at Tule Lake. Oh my, the cigar he was smoking smelled great. 

I got a couple of small bumps, and saw an ol guy catch a nice salmon just above where we were fishing. Dad didn't even get a bump...sigh.  Plenty of fish jumping around us. The fish are now starting to turn red, and moving up river fasterAfter Dad lost his favorite flat fish to a snag and a few other little mishaps we called it a morning and headed home. Another day...



  1. It's annoying. The fish are jumping. You're putting every kind of delicious to fish bait/lure in the water and... no bite.

    Still, great to get out, I always think.

    Love the pics.

  2. LSP: Just getting out and on the water makes my day.

  3. I'm getting to the point where I am nearly recommending that Dad toss a hand grenade into the river.

  4. LL: I will take your recommendation under serious consideration. Dad kept letting his line go under Ol Ugly so while he was looking the other way I grabbed it and gave a hard jerk, thought he was going to fall in trying to reel the big one in... til C ratted me out.

  5. A day on the water... Better than a LOT of things! :-)

  6. Since I don't eat fish, it never did matter if I caught anything - it was just the fact that I could finally relax and slow down for a while. Can do a lot of thinking and wishing! I miss fishing, haven't been for a while...

  7. Our area is famous for spoonbill fishing. My dog Slim drags home fish heads and it scares me to death for fear she will choke. Those salmon bones really look delicate. Love the aroma of a cigar. Reminds me of my Uncle Jim. I haven't been fishing since Ron died and must go someday soon.

  8. Looks like you caught something ... that first photo.

  9. The pics look so idyllic! Quite funny, you tricking your dad into thinking he had something! ha! :)

  10. half the fun is anticipation of what you might catch.

  11. A slow day fishing is better than a great day doing most anything else. The slap of the water on the hull, good company and anticipation. What is not to love.

  12. My boys and I talk more about going fishing than we actually fish. Its become a tradition. Even just talking about it relaxes me...

  13. OLD NFO: Yes indeed!

    CHICKENMOM: What are you waiting for woman?

    GRANNY ANNIE: You need to hit the water in memory of your guys!

    ODIE: Nope, dead in the water. There were many carcasses fertilizing the shoreline.

    JENNY: Dad is used to his daughter's quirky sense of humor!

    GRANNYMAR: It's a damn good thing we don't have to survive on what we catch...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: That and being a horseback!

    RACE BANNON: Traditions and the memories that go with them are important!