Monday, October 13, 2014

Wine trail...

Dad is back on the river this morning with J in ol ugly, pray for fish, people!
I didn't go fishing as I'm kinda stove-up after taking a fall at New Clairvaux.  
C kindly took me (in case he needed someone to drive home) Sunday on the Farm Trail Passport Weekend tour. Passport Weekend is a  self directed tour, taste, toast, through various local wineries, orchards, & farms.  We started out at one of my favorite places:

 A brief history of this wonderful place can be seen here

Poor Souls is the name of a block of vines in the vineyard 

 The monks have partially reconstructed a chapter house from an ancient abbey in Spain. There is an interesting story of how the stones ended up at New Clairvaux. (

Usually I'm pretty good on rough ground, but this time while crossing a ditch to get to the chapter house, I caught the toe of my sandal and biffed it on the stone path. Ripped open one finger and took the hide off both knees, But I only chipped the base of my Passport Wine Glass!  
Onward, patched up the owies and went to seven more stops on the trail...


  1. I think you need to water it down!!!

    Seriously, sorry to hear about your topple with the tipple. Take care my friend.

  2. Ouch! (You're a real trooper, by the way!)

  3. Sounds like a nasty fall. Your pictures are really interesting. Looks like a great place.

  4. Well done for making the rest of the trail. With the glass.

    Reminds me of a friend who had a "history" with the "right stuff." The Jesuits put him in charge of a vineyard in France!

    God bless.

  5. GRANNYMAR: It was our first stop! Only a small sample at that point...

    CELIA: Thanks, I hope so, I have plans.

    CHICKENMOM: lol Thanks!

    NELLY: My pictures don't do it justice.

    JENNY: You would like it, so much history and interesting architecture.

    LSP: Thanks, Padre. I'm not a big drinker, but C is practicing to be a ubber wine snob, and is a hoot to watch work the real wine snobs. Jesuits... the military/warriors of the church.

  6. I'm sorry that the date with C ended up less than perfectly.

  7. LL: C is married to an awesome woman who wasn't able to go, they are good family friends.

  8. We're back to the pick-up truck argument... ;^)

    Just pulling your chain. It sounds as if it was a fun trip (pun intended) even if you ended up hobbled a bit.

  9. LL: You are too funny! I'm just concerned that I stupidly opened up a finger on my preferred hand, as I have a class coming up shortly that requires using a specific holster to pass.

  10. Okay, I guess the story is believable:)

  11. Since I have fallen twice this year and scarred both legs, once sans wine, I realize my coordination is changing. It could be age...sorry.

  12. When going to the ground always put a death grip on the wine glass.

  13. Don't tell me you hurt your trigger finger trying to save your glass of wine. Given the choice, I'll take the healthy trigger finger every time.

  14. If you can hear grimaces, you just heard mine. Too bad you didn't have enough to dull the pain.
    Good to have saved the glass though.

  15. Ouch... But hey, saving the glass is bonus points! :-)

  16. GRANNY ANNIE: I feel blessed by you in some strange

    TABOR: Falling properly is an art I have yet to master.

    ODIE: Damn Straight!

    EURIPIDES: Not my trigger finger, thank goodness!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: The other stops had a somewhat dulling effect...

    OLD NFO: I can use all the bonus points I can muster.