Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Biscuits'n gravy ..

Dad loves biscuits 'n gravy, which I struggle to make on a regular basis.  Truth be told, my biscuits work better as replacements for when we run out of white flyers.

 I asked my girlfriend, whose wonderful biscuits with gravy her guy loves, for her biscuit recipe and any making tips.

After a long pause, she said... "How many times have you eaten biscuits here?"
"Lots," I said, "and they are always light, fluffy, and yummy."
"Yes, well... I don't have a recipe for them."
"Dammit," I said, "don't tell me you are one of those 'I don't use a recipe' people!  Come on, help me out here before I kill off Dad."
"I don't need a recipe," she said, "All I have to do is open the Schwan's Southern Style Biscuit bag and throw them in the oven for 20 minutes."

So, as the Schwan's truck roars off down our driveway, I send up a little prayer for a friend who just may have saved Dad's life.


  1. What a funny solution. I wonder how many times this sort of thing happens. I use Bisquick and they turn out OK if not the fluffiest.

  2. Schwans biscuits are really, really good. When they have them on sale I'll get some, just for mornings I"m really rushed and need a biscuit fix.

  3. The local Schwan man was Great Grandma's favorite guy. Their biscuits are great.

  4. Now that is a recipe I could follow. Great save.

  5. Mary B's, sold in the freezer bread section at grocery stores are really good.

  6. Huh... Never heard of them... I learn something new every day!

  7. I love biscuits and gravy. I'm with your dad. They are delicious.

    They're right up there with pie.

  8. LOL that is really funny(-: I can't do biscuits either but I can do yeast rolls. I need to call Schwanns. Thanks for the tip(-: I hope they were yummy!!!!

  9. TABOR: I bet it's more than are fessing up...

    BRIGID: You, the goddess of homemade... I find that difficult to

    CELIA: Granny was wise, they are really good!


    LISA: Thanks for the tip!

    OLD NFO: Go figure!

    LL: Dad is love'n them biscuits! He is also a pie aficionado.

    CINDEE: Whoa I'm impressed. My yeast rolls are close kin to rocks...sigh
    The biscuits are indeed yummy!

  10. I was trying to sign up for Schwan's service only to learn that they only deliver to my area on Monday between 11 am and 3 pm. Those are the exact hours I am gone every Monday. They suggested that I could pick up my order and that was funny. My reason for signing up for Schwan's was to avoid driving to town for my groceries.

  11. Biscuits over hare are what you call cookies, so the idea of gravy on them sounded weird to me. The photo looks like what we call scones, often served here with butter, jam and whipped cream.

  12. GRANNY ANNIE: Well heck that sucks.

    GRANNYMAR: I'm not sure I'm the best person to explain... but here: Biscuits are around, fluffy, yummy things that you can put red eye gravy, sausage gravy, butter, or jelly on. Scones are triangle shaped, a bit stiffer then biscuits and often have things baked in them (choc, berries, etc). Cookies are mostly flat, round bits of goodness and mostly eaten as cookie dough around here.

  13. LOL the cookie dough comment. Yes, same here.

    I've never tried to cook biscuits.
    I don't think I should.
    I'll stick to eating them.

  14. JENNY: Another cookie dough eater, yeah!

  15. Old NFO - Schwans is great and the majority of their frozen food is SO much better than what you get in the store and if you shop online there are some coupons and deals. I regularly get their big packages of frozen veggies, chicken pot pies (he loves theirs) salmon, chicken breasts and ice cream treats for Dad, as he just loves it (though I had a hard time explaining to his Schwans guy he wanted something called a "Horny Puck" which apparently was his name for the little frozen blueberry muffin things you can bake.

  16. ODIE: Thanks.

    BRIGID: Thanks for the additional info. I will certainly be checking online for their sales. Can't wait to put in an order for "horny pucks"...LOL

  17. I had biscuits and gravy when I was in the Southern States a long time ago. I thought they were a lot like scones without the sugar. That's the way I make them. I'm sweet enough!

  18. NELLY: Biscuits are biscuits, scones are scones and neither is the other...
    yep you are a sweet granny!

  19. LSP: Give'm a try... they are pretty darn good.