Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue Moon...

One of the gals called, "I will be by to pickup your kayak Thursday night. Make ready."
Friday evening we all piled in her pickup and pulling a trailer full of kayaks, headed out for the Blue Moon Paddle. It was hot, it was smokey from all the fires, and we were all tired from a long week. The thought of being able to spend a couple hours on the water made the journey worth the effort.

 We got up to the lake in plenty of time to paddle for a few hours before the sun set.

 The others were having a great time teasing me about all the gear I have stashed in my dry sacks. It got to be a question and answer period of: do you have? the answer was nearly always, Yes. (I do not have pink sparkly duck tape.) (I do have reflective tape, but I didn't tell them.) I understand that they have never traveled in the back of beyond with no one else around, or ever been out of cell range. I'm quite sure they think I'm paranoid. I just prefer to be prepared, and hopefully never have to use any of it.
We were a motley group: a banker, an auto dealer, an orchardist, a retired mill wright, and I.
We drank a few Blue Moons in honor of the occasion,

watched a pair of falcons hunt, felt the soft breeze off the water, smelled the pines, saw fish jump, got wet, told outrageous tales, and laughed at and with each other.
A gorgeous full blue moon rose through scattered clouds as we paddled in...


  1. That's a nice way to enjoy a blue moon.

  2. So envious of your delightful time and how well you described it.

  3. We were going to go out, but with seven visiting (parents and grandkids) we sort of collapsed.

  4. I was humming the song "Blue Moon" this morning.

  5. Doesn't get any better! :-) And you were a Girl Scout, right? :-D

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun, but how do you mount the motor on one of those things?

  7. Wow does that sound great. I miss my kayak but know she has a good home with a dear friend. Your kayak is like my vehicle. I am ready for any circumstance or emergency.

  8. Usually if you put a pretty bright headlamp in one of the compartments you get a faint glow through the hull.
    If you do not have sealed from the cockpit compartments you have to block the white light from showing.
    When I did it the glow did not affect my night vision.
    Looks neat.

  9. LL: It was a great way to enjoy the blue moon!

    ADRIENNE: My pics don't do it justice.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Keep gett'n better so you can come out and paddle with us!

    TABOR: Enjoy that time with family, there will be another blue moon.

    OLD NFO: It was pretty special. I was in girl scouts for about a minute... they were into cookies, I was into surviving.

    WOODSTERMAN: LOL, Some do have itty bitty motors...the cheat'n bas...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: It is hard when we aren't able to do things that we used to do sooo easily. My suv has it's own go bags.

    JON SPENCER: I just clip glow sticks and a light saber on my kayak, but your idea sounds much better. Thanks, looking forward to trying that!

  10. Nice! I like the odd Blue Moon, now and again.