Monday, August 24, 2015

Yoga in cowboy boots...

Having decided that I needed to work at getting in better shape, and improve my shooting breathing, I signed up for a yoga class.  I chose the late morning, week day class, figuring it wouldn't have a bunch of svelte young things.  Not that I mind much, but knowing diddly squat about yoga I figured it would be less of a strain to keep up with those my own age.  
First class, I didn't have a mat, so had to borrow one from the instructor.  How in the heck can they call that a mat, it was so thin, either a very large heavy woman had used it before me, or torture is part of the program.  After class, having crawled back to my SUV, I sped down to the thrift store. "Do you have any yoga mats?"  "I have one in back, follow me."  She pulled out this purple (not my favorite color) cushy mat with an Empowered logo, looked at it and looked at me in my yoga shorts, aviator sunglasses, and cowboy boots...sighed and said, "how does $1.50 sound". Sold.

Next class was the same older group. It was comforting to know that being left handed has nothing to do with being right/left challenged.  We were told to put our legs out straight and put the yoga block on top of our legs, while holding our feet just barely off the floor... and hold... and hold... and then the queen of torture laughs and tells us to breathe.  Holy Mother of God.
After a short rest/nap, she has us do a bunch of warrior poses. I can do this, easy peasy, while I was at it I figured I could practice a few ccw draws.  Torture queen just sighed, obviously not her first rodeo. 
Next class was full of younger women who should have been in school or working.  Hardcore, and did not appreciate our ability to bust out laughing when someone fell over, got a yoga block thrown at them, or  got stuck in a pose. Namaste chicas!  


  1. You need to bring the cattle prod to keep the unruly in line.

  2. ....and, cowboys are nothing in yoga class if you are not wearing spurs.

  3. I guess after reading this I'm a coward. I walk, two miles a day, but I walk. No Purple mat, no leopard leotards, no boots, and no, what did you call it, a yogurt brick? That yogurt stuff sounds painful.

  4. Hmmm, spurs 'might' hurt in some of those poses... Or whatever they're called... :-)

  5. Ah ah! A thrift store bargain. Nice one.

  6. Yoga mats are a joke. I need way more cushioning than they provide. Last time I took yoga, someone was always falling asleep and snoring during the relaxation period.
    Kind of miss it. Hope you keep it up--with the right group.

  7. Good for you. Last time I went to a yoga class I used my self inflating camp mattress. Made the rest period very comfy.

  8. LL: Cowboy rules apply: Never prod when a swift kick in the bull sack will do, and Never squat with yer spurs on.

    WOODSTERMAN: Yogurt class is not for sissies, that's for damn sure.

    OLD NFO: Yep, they would pose quite a problem.

    LSP: You know me... cheap, cheap.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Some huckster conned people into believing you could only do yoga with a high priced piece of recycled card board...
    I do like the older group.

    CELIA: What a good idea, I'm going to try that, thanks.

  9. Yoga mats are today's adult-binkie for the infantalized grown-up. It's what we used to lay-down on during nap-time in 1st grade.
    Yoga itself is a high-stress athletic competition disguised as harmless stretching, with a fairly strong sexual overtone/history - beware the Yoga-Meister, rooster of his/her flock.

  10. I am so proud of you, Brighid! Yoga is the best total body and mind conditioning activity.
    To all of the walkers out there: I, too, thought that walking (and I do it uphill every morning) was the perfect exercise for someone my age (mid-sixties) but after joining a small gym and hiring a trainer, I have had an opportunity to really examine my strength, balance, and fitness.
    Walking has not produced balance or strength and has worked only limited muscle groups.

    Only 3 weeks into my new fitness routine, I would strongly advise resistance training. It doesn't cost much! Just a stretchy thing that you can pull on to create resistance and give traps, biceps, triceps, and other muscle groups a good workout.

  11. NOTCLAUSWITZ: Ah, see when I was in first grade we didn't get naps, and we sure as heck didn't have binkies. But then I went to a school with eight grades in one room. I'm enjoying the workout.

    CHERI: Thanks, I was walking/jogging a great deal and not really seeing any improvement. Yoga seems to be good course of action. I will check out the resistance training, thanks for the input.

  12. Don't let them namaste away your berserker side!

  13. JENNY: No worries, just tempering the steel... LOL