Monday, November 25, 2013

Well, I might have...

Might have had a touch too much french press coffee this morning... but as I was finishing up a pep talk PM with the corpsman far away, there flashed across the screen:
Which is an ad for mens "naked brand" boxer briefs...  Don't bother going to their site unless your bored or flush with extra cash.  I get that they are just selling overpriced stuff.  How they market things is of more interest to me than what, usually...

The naked ad brought gales of laughter from me, and a "she has finally totally lost it" look from Willie, the Jack Russell.

There was a time I bought the Cowman some silk boxer briefs, for to keep him warm in the cold wintertime.  Only I forgot to tell him.  They were tucked in the back of his underwear drawer, and in the dark one very cold morning at O dark thirty, he put them on along with long johns, wranglers and coveralls.  
 When the Cowman sat down for breakfast he had an odd look on his face, but I was busy, and knew the rest of the crew would be riding up shortly, as they had a long day a horseback ahead of them.
Hours later as the sun is topping the far ridge, I see a lone horse and rider coming toward the house full out.  The Cowman rode up, slid his horse to a stop, and with groans of misery, strode thru the house to our bedroom, trying to shed clothes as he went.
By this time I had figured out what had happened, and was having a hard time not rolling on the floor with laughter.   OMG, if you could have seen the look he gave me.  "Did you by chance forget to tell me these damn silk shorts were in my drawer?"  he asked, still pealing off clothes. 
"Well... I might have."  I said.


  1. Silk shorts while riding the range! I love it. :) I hope you had taken the tags off. ;)

  2. Wasn't a smooth ride after all?

  3. GRANNYMAR: lol... you so got it!

    CELIA: I don't know how to explain...

    GRANNY ANNIE: Glad you enjoyed it!