Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bedpan Liner...

Being a caregiver is not well suited to my irreverent personality.  Standard Operating Procedure is not the norm for me.
What the heck is wrong with putting one of those musical buttons on the edge of the bedpan. That way it plays music when I put mom on it.  
So what if the RC heli wars get a little out of control and someone does a semi-hard landing on mom's backside.
 What does it hurt to make mom a milkshake for breakfast.  It has milk, eggs, frozen OJ, and bacon bits for crying out loud. My grandkids love them. 
The hospice crew are shaking their heads, Dad is looking to out fly me, mom is laughing.
Maybe I'm better at critters than people...

I have fixed a prolapsed heifer with a couple of boluses, a coke bottle, and a shoelace. I have put my arm up the butt of more than a few cows to help with a delivery.  Breathed into the snotty nose of many lambs, kittens, puppies, colts, calves, and one goat. And no one raised an eye brow.
The veterinarian I worked for said, "B,  If I let you do two sutures when I'm closing, will you get your head out of the operating field!" 

"Throw in that old pair of hemostats and you've got a deal, Doc."


  1. I think that I'd favor the 1812 Overture -- with guns as a song on a bed pan. (picking my tune in advance for my dotage)

  2. I guarantee that an irreverent personality is very important for a caregiver. It sure takes stress out of those difficult situations.

  3. "Mom is laughing" great, you are the perfect caregiver.

  4. I like the new photo on the masthead.

    Caregiving is very tough, no matter how it is cast.

    But as you wisely observe, a sense of humor can polish the scuffs of caregiving.

  5. If I ever need home health care, it best be served up with a lot of laughter. Can I give the family your number? Oh how I love LL's idea of the 1812 Overture on the bedpan with those great cannon blasts!!!

  6. +1 on Celia... If you're generating laughter, THAT is the best medicine! Keep on with that 'attitude'!!!

  7. LL: LOL, love it, so fitting!

    GRANNYMAR: I hope your right.

    CELIA: Far, far from perfect, just trying to keep my head.

    CHERI: Thanks, it's a local pic by a local gal. There is some truth to that...

    GRANNYANNIE: NO, you can't! I liked LL's idea too. Now the sound of a thousand cannon playing bedpans keeps running thru my mind...

    OLDNFO: I don't think the "attitude" could be stopped even if I tried...