Monday, February 10, 2014

Hanky Pranky...

Did you ever feel like you just needed a friend to bounce things off of?  Oh not rocks, or golf balls, or cow pies... but ideas, plans, and a prank or two.  
The prank thing I thought was going away as I matured, so either I haven't matured, or the laugh so hard you pee your wranglers prank is embedded permanently.  I hadn't done one since the blowup babe in the Cowman's pickup. Well that's not quite true: there was nail gunning the Cowman's glove (in a compromising position) to the deck we were building onto the house,

(the 12x20 deck the Cowman and I built on the back of the house all by ourselves)

 and the big, nude gnome in the creek at the neighbors (who the heck doesn't find that thing for a month, at least I was home from work to hear her howling with laughter when she found him). 
I have a few new ideas, but my three friends are nice, normal people, and seem to get that deer in the headlights look when I try to share.
The kids always go "Oh, No she has that look in her eyes!"  The grandkids, who make excellent cohorts, are too far away at the moment, and the Monday night Knotty Knitters group still have me on probation for ...
A bit of cabin fever seems to have set in, Road Trip time I'm thinking...  


  1. I have carried off a number of really fun (not super wicked) pranks. You can always e-mail me for advice.

  2. LL: LOL I bet you have! The e-mail is on it's way to the Master. YeeHaw!

  3. Ron and I both were known for our prank expertise so we promised when we married "no pranks". It was more difficult for me than for him. Plus most of mine were harmless pranks while many of his were near death experiences for the recipients of his jokes.

  4. Hoo boy... Here we (you) go again! :-)

  5. Oh the pranks we could get up to if we lived closer!

  6. Good luck in your favorite endeavor. I look forward to hearing about your future pranks.

  7. GRANNYANNIE: Don't ever lose your prankyness!

    OLDNFO: Your sounding like my

    GRANNYMAR: I'm not sure the world is quite ready!!!

    ODIE: Thanks, a little encouragement goes a long way around here.