Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kick'n It Men...

My grandsons are just as awesome in their own way, as the grand girls.  They have raised and shown steers as well, but it really isn't where their hearts are.

The youngest, Colt is a talented mister fix-it farmer, he can weld like nobody's business, always with a smile.

  I had a bunch of pics of his award winning welding projects, his goose pots are truly a thing of beauty,  but my phone cloud sent them to a far distant galaxy..!  

The "save your life down range" Corpsman, is really into what he does:

(Sorry Bean, Nanner just could not resist...)

Cody (the corpsman) is an awesome photographer too, and always trying to improve his craft.


Keep on kick'n it men, Nanner's got your back.


  1. Yes Ma'am . . . I bet you do . . .

    Looks like your famly's next generation is in fine hands.

  2. They will all leave the world better than they found it. You can ask for very little more than that.

  3. Good kids all the way around, I know you're proud of them!!!

  4. Is grandma proud?? You bet, as well she should be. Fine boys you have there.

  5. EIAFTINFO: I'm trying, thanks.

    LL: Very true. I think yours will do the same.

    OLD NFO: Thanks, am I too obvious?.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Thank You, They are good kids!

  6. I see so much progress happening for our girls as well as for our boys. They are so much better than the previous generations and are going to make big changes in this world. I am equally proud of my grands. We've got ourselves some good ones.