Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Show Girls...

The grand show girls are at it again this year. They are awesome showmen and this year is sure to be no exception.
Win or lose they put in the time and effort and give it their all. 
Granddaughters, Jacey and Miss B, are showing swine, and doing great.

 Jacey showing one of her home grown Blue Butts.

They raise, (no easy thing that) and show their own pigs. 

 Miss B helping out with farrowing

 Miss B practicing for showmanship

Granddaughters, Ali and Lauren have shown steers for quite a few years.  Summer before last was Ali's last year showing, as she was headed off to college. 

 Ali getting it done in the final go

This year the steer show is all Lauren.  She's been working hard with her latest project steer, and I'm sure she will do just fine.  Marymine keeps telling me that Lauren is my mini-me. Whoa, I want her to be herself, Lauren.
Last Sunday at the barn...

Lauren and 657

Showtime will be here before you know it, best be getting ready girls.



  1. Great experience for the young ones, best of everything to them.

  2. Pigs, Cattle AND pretty girls on the catwalk.

  3. There is nothing like seeing young people take and interest in and responsibility for animals. Their determination and enjoyment shows through and you can tell they are proud of their accomplishments. I love, love, love these kiddos!

  4. Go Girls, Go!

    This city gal would run a mile. Even after thirty seven years I want to leave home when the farmers are spreading slurry on the fields!

  5. Smart girls and certainly learning the skills necessary to be good citizens, and if they choose, good parents.

  6. Good for them, and a great confidence maker and experience in the real world responsibilities!!! And she 'could' do worse... :-P

  7. CELIA: Thanks, are your grands in the show ring this year? Seem to remember something about them showing Holstein heifers.

    LL: No catwalks here, thank goodness.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Thanks, I love, love, love them, too.

    ODIE: Take a right at the big tree, then a left at the third alfalfa stack, go past the white corvette and the barn is on your left...easy peasy.

    GRANNYMAR: They are awesome girls, and have learned not to sling stuff.

    TABOR: They are, thanks!

  8. OLD NFO: They all have a lot of try, and for that alone I'm thankful. I can see it in her to be much, much better.