Saturday, November 22, 2014

Duck or else...

We have all been listening to my granddaughter, Lauren, grouse about having to go to Oregon with Marymine.
Lauren was told that Marymine had to go to a meeting in Oregon with Lauren's uncle Sean this weekend. Marymine informed her, that she (Lauren) was NOT going to be left home alone, so she just needed to suck it up. 
The grousing by Lauren was on going... she was not giving up on trying to talk her way out of going.  She had been bombarding her brothers, and sister with texts complaining about this awful treatment by her mom. 

What Lauren didn't know had been arranged by her mom.... was that her big brother, the corpsman, was flying out from the East coast to take her to an Oregon Ducks game...

Happiest of Birthdays to my Lizzy.

 PS:  Got a note from my Lizzy (Lauren): 
"Another amazing day, Ducks won 44-10. By far the best  birthday ever. Definitely worth sitting in the cold! Thank you to everyone"



    How fun!

    Happy Birthday, Lizzy.

  2. Happy Birthday to her, absolutely loved reading this.

  3. Aw, SWEET. And what a great photo!

  4. ODIE: Thanks, she's a good kid.

    LL: It was a great surprise, she worships her big brother and really likes the Ducks.

    CELIA: Thanks, aren't grandkids the most fun!

    JENNY: Thanks!

    OLD NFO: A very special, well earned, Birthday present for Lauren.

  5. Nothing better than wonderful surprises!!! That was a good one.

  6. GRANNY ANNIE: She really had no idea, it was funny!

  7. Happy Birthday to the beautiful young lady you are fortunate to have as a granddaughter!