Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fix'n to...

He started out with 


tried a few things

been a few places

so when he gets time to do this it's all good.

He's an awesome son, a great dad, and works too darn hard. 

His mom hasn't gotten to hug him in a long long time. She aims to fix that.


  1. Awesome sons come from awesome moms.

  2. Enjoy, and make him take you for a ride! :-)

  3. Was that a Big Wheel?

    Always wanted one... but was moved to England where they didn't exist.

  4. TABOR: Thanks!

    OLD NFO: I hope to get him to come here, so I may have to wait a while to get a ride.

    LSP: It was, he loved those, went through three of them...plum wore the tires off.

  5. Starting him out on the chopper at an early age was only a portent of what was to come.

  6. Every picture has a story. Hug the memories until he is close enough to do it in real time.

  7. Great pics! Isn't it amazing just how fast they grow up? 'Hope you get to give him a big hug real soon.

  8. Hope he comes to visit soon, hug him good when you can.

  9. Aw, such cute pics! I hope you get to see him soon!

  10. Made me smile so big! Love those son's don't we.

  11. You've got a great son because you're such an awesome Mom. I hope those hugs are forthcoming soon.

  12. LL: So true.

    CHICKENMOM: Thanks. I hope so.

    CELIA: I will for sure be hugging on him.

    JENNY: Thanks.

    ODIE: Yes Sir!

    GRANNY ANNIE: We sure do love our boys.

    BRIGID: He has earned his Awesomeness himself! I miss him a lot...