Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wapiti woes...

Dad and C got back from hunt'n the great Wapiti at my brother's in Ideeho.  They spent a week with my brother, roaming the back of beyond.  Lots of hunters were seen, few elk, and only the butts and legs of those few.  
Dad did get to see grandkids, and great grandkids which was a big plus. They all wanted to keep him, but I had tagged him up so that wasn't possible.
C did most all the driving, they went up the Northern route (Oregon) and came home the Southern route (Nevada).  Dad said they saw a nice big antelope in Oregon and he would have brought it home, except he refuses to eat roadkill no matter how fresh.TYJ.
It was awesome that C would take time out of his schedule to do this for Dad.  The day after they got back, he and his wife were off to Colorado looking for a summer home.  He happened to mention before he left that he had just picked up his new Benelli Performance SBE...sigh.
Dad is not walking as well as he was this spring. Got him into the doc and scripted for PT.  I've been taking him to PT (great young man that Dad likes) three days a week. That, some diet changes, and trying to do less for him, has him showing some improvement. 
Since he was talked out of buying a motorcycle by the Doc, he has now decided to train on Willie with a shock collar.  Willie is no fool he has been hiding out under the duvet on my bed...


  1. Talk him OUT of a motorcycle????

    I need to drive up there and talk him INTO a motorcycle. His luck at fishing is less than optimum and elk hunting is usually very demanding if you want to bag a large bull (having done that, bought the t-shirt, etc). You also need horses or ATV's to pack them out since you can't drag them the way you would a deer.

    But a MOTORCYCLE. Harley Knucklehead, chopped, YES! That's perfect physical therapy.

    You should be happy that I live as far away as I do, or I could cause serious mischief.

  2. You Dad sounds like a very cool dude and I can see why you want him around. He does not give up on stuff. Good that you let him do more. I think when people are loved too much they forget to fend for themselves. You are one strong woman.

  3. Old guy like that needs a kind of motorcycle-something that's soft with a lot of suspention, weasy on the hips and legs - like a MX bike! ;-)

  4. Have you read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson? I see your father in Reverend John Ames.

    I am now reading Lila by the same author, a story of the woman that John Ames married when he was an old man.

  5. too bad about the elk, but VERY good news about the antelope. :) Wonderful of C to take him!

  6. For some reason yours and several blogs I follow are not showing up on my blog reading list till a day or so later. Have no idea why.
    Anyway, C is really a good friend to you and your Dad. Your Dad really is an active and adventurous fellow.
    Hide Willie hide.
    The reward method works so much quicker.

  7. You might watch out a bit. Don't want dad shocking the two of you at the same time.

  8. Glad the trip went well, and good luck 'containing' him... :-)

  9. LL: Just three words: Bring.It.On. He would love it, I'm quite sure.

    TABOR: He is an awesome ol guy!

    JENNY: He was happy just to go, see family, and hunt. C has been very good to/for him.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I don't know either??? Trouble is, Dad has spoiled Willie and now is in correction mode.

    ODIE: I am being cautious, do not care to get zapped.

    OLD NFO: I only win out when he is having a slow day...

  10. CHERI: I missed your comment the first time through, Mea Culpa!
    I have Gilead in my bedside stack, looking forward to reading it soon. Will keep a lookout for the Rev.

  11. Loved the quote and the boots, and what a great daughter your dad has!

  12. It is great that Willie can trust you with his hiding place. Don't rat him out. LOL

    Ron used to carry plastic bags in the trunk for fresh roadkill. He would sell the skins to the local furrier. We did not eat the remains!!!

  13. how wonderful to have a dad with such interest in life. Mine retired at sixty five and too to the chair by the fire, as he said: "waiting for death!" Five years later he died an old, old man!

  14. EURIPIDES: Thank you kind Sir.

    GRANNY ANNIE: I have promised him that I won't...lol We had a neighbor that sold the pelts of roadkills, he didn't eat them either. Ron would have liked him!

    GRANNYMAR: What a sad story, I'm sorry...