Friday, December 5, 2014

Etiquette 101...

When I started down the road to finding a pistol for my CCW, there were some good knowledgeable people willing to give of their time and expertise to guide me.  Brigid(HOTR) introduced me to Jim and he took time out of his super busy schedule to meet me. His input was and continues to be, very helpful.  
Being new to the whole carry thing I had no clue as to some of the etiquette involved. 

Now laughingly looking back on the morning I met Jim, I think I know why he had that surprised/stunned/horrified look on his face, when upon saying goodbye, I gave him a big hug.  
At least I hope my lack of gunny etiquette was the reason he had that horrified look...!

PS:  Happy Birthday Jim >HUG<


  1. I always accept hugs. Either the sideways hugs that avoid "the girls" contacting my chest or full on rubbing hugs.

    I also accept back scratches (like an old hound dog) as full and complete payment for firearms instruction.

    Everyone has their differences.

  2. I thought hugs were legal tender.
    Love that picture. It is priceless.

  3. I'm into sharing hugs BIGTIME! So sending a virtual one!

  4. LOL, well I wasn't 'expecting' it... :-) And thank you! I'm truly glad you're now carrying and protecting yourself!

  5. I cannot think of a person who would deserve a hug more than someone helping to save your life.

  6. LL: Never stop learning/training is one of my mottoes. So bring it on! lol

    ARKANSAS PATTI: They are in my book.

    GRANNYMAR: AH thanks, I appreciate it greatly.

    OLD NFO: Thanks in large part to Brigid & you Sir.

    GRANNY ANNIE: That is so true. I just tend to get a bit over exuberant with my hugs!

  7. Hugs are most acceptable. I got a hug from a random woman tonight at the dollar store when I located an item she had been searching for.

  8. I prefer hugs from the ladies.

    Happy Birthday Jim!

  9. EURIPIDES: Hugs are wonderful, how good of you to help a damsel in distress.

    WOODSTERMAN ODIE: Your special lady in particular...I'm sure.

    LL: That he is.

    BRIGID: I am an exuberant hugger as well...

  10. Old NFO is ageless, but he sounds EXACTLY like my motorcycle buddy Baxter. :-) Hard to tell which is better lookin'...

  11. Surely, LL, there's places where you wouldn't accept "hugs"?