Monday, December 29, 2014

rough country...

After all those years living in rough country or country rough, I'm Very aware of the fact that:

 There is a dishwasher here, and it isn't me. But I'm so used to washing dishes by hand, as I cook, that I often forget to just put them in the dishwasher. 

It is constantly warm here in the parents house. I find myself outside in the early mornings with the excuse of running Willie, but really because I'm still not used to the central heat.  More to waking up in a freezing cold house and restarting a wood stove or turning on a small one room heaterNo need to wear three layers of everything here, still I have to have the window cracked in my bedroom for real air. (a habit inherited from my grandpa)

To turn a knob at the kitchen sink and have instant scalding hot water for the french press or the tea pot.  Though I have taken to that device, I kinda miss the call of the kettle or my cowcamp coffee pot.

My ol coffee pot has hung over many a fire

Flick a switch in the living room and the fireplace, behind glass, comes on.  So not my style, but then it's not my house. I liked the whole process of cutting, splitting, stacking wood in the summer to keep you warm in winter. The wood smelled so good. And when the power goes out you can still cook, heat water, and warm the house with a wood stove.

I installed a new shower head in my bathroom and now I can take really long hot showers!  Not the lukewarm to cold cold they have been in cowcamps past. Not to have to worry about someone turning on the hot water elsewhere in camp, because you know you will be getting ice water if they do, is heaven!

Interesting that those around me take all these things for granted, they don't ever give it a second thought, it just is.  
I like creature comforts, and I really appreciate the fact that I have them, 

but there are no horses here...

Lisa's Joe as a baby

And... mom's tiny Filipino home helper has taken it as her mission to find me a boyfriend... (Not that I don't trust him, but Dad was strangely silent during the latest exchange on this topic.)  I told her I was going to the pharmacy to pickup mom's meds. She said, "you can't go wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, what if you meet some handsome man?"  "Go change into something nice, and don't forget to wink!!!"  

So for God's sake if you see a nicely dressed ol berserker cowgirl with a twitchy eye... don't shoot.


  1. I really like your Mom's housekeeper. We should all be so aware of the exciting world that awaits us outside. You may find me too pampered as I have both a gas fireplace in our "formal room" and a wood fireplace in the living room. We rarely turn on the gas one as it seems such an ecological waste so we pollute the air with a nice wood fire. No instant hot, but I did get a new electric French press coffee maker this year and I am in heaven.

  2. I do love my creature comforts but it is also rather fun when the power goes off for days at a time and it is make-do time.
    That housekeeper sounds fun.

  3. Don't go overboard and take a stripper pole into town when you go to pick up meds. ;^)

    Just those jeans with that fancy belt buckle will speak volumes.

  4. Good advice from Larry, and in my experience the Filipinos are full of fun and good advice on such subjects as well.

    We have some trees on our home plot, and I actually look forward to when one of them drops a branch, because then I get to cut it up, by hand (no chainsaw) and then burn it up. I too love the smell, the exercise, and the pop and hiss of a fire place burning merrily away.

    Great post.

  5. Ah yes, creature comforts... They DO help when we get old though. LOVE the hot showers! Beats the hell outta trying to get away from the ice cold when somebody turned on a faucet...

  6. Our house ALWAYS has the aroma of wood burning! (along with all the dust)!

  7. TABOR: Sounds like your rock'n it, wood & coffee, YeeHaw.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: It is fun to cowcamp when you don't have to.

    LL: I sent all the strippers/ poles to the helo drivers.
    I will wear it with caution in this part of the country.

    CW SWANSON: Yep, Larry is full of it all right!
    Ah a fellow campfire lover. Thanks.

    OLD NFO: Sounds like you have been there a time or two. Old & cold is not a good mix to my way of thinking.

    As long as I kept the cast iron pot full of water on the wood stove, the house didn't get quite so ashy.

  8. Lap of luxury!

    Sorry about the horses...

  9. LSP: Padre, it is very strange.