Monday, December 8, 2014

Tis crabby season...

Tis the season... that special season, filled with wonder and joy, 
and unfinished decorating, a plugged dryer vent, unfinished presents, and strange flickering lights (in the garage).
I am in a really crabby mood, so if you want to skip down to the bottom *PICS... go for it.
I didn't want to set up Mom's little fake white tree, so I went and bought a real tree, a noble fir. This is as far as I have gotten or may get with the decorating...

 I miss old I could have gotten a much bigger tree in her. She never complained of needles in her cracks. 
Not long ago I saw a picture of a crunched & burned out suv on the front page of the paper. I told Dad it was old Bessie. Damn, I would know her rims anywhere.  I read the story, the wife of the man that bought old Bessie was killed in the solo accident.  Dammit.
Dad got it in his head to buy a 250 motorcycle, I tried to talk him into a 2up or a quad. But he wasn't having it, and got mad at me for even suggesting that it just might be too much for him. (This is a man who I'm taking to PT three days a week to improve his balance.) Called my brother for some backup, where upon he promptly said it was my problem, handle it. Dad found a motorcycle on CL and got Jim to take him up to get it. He couldn't even hold it up, so he came home without it, and said that was the end of that (it is still my fault).
Got all the makings for a big pan of real lasagna (with ricotta), Dad said he doesn't like lasagna and wouldn't eat more than a couple bites. Sure hope the neighbors like lasagna.
Dad's Poker night was here last week.  Got the tables set up, made a bunch of guy food, and iced down a tub of assorted beers. I came in the kitchen from feeding mom her lovely pureed dinner and "D" says to all the guys, "Well there's B, she's a real jack of all trades" in a decidedly zinger voice. What the heck brought that on...?
One of mom's sisters passed away yesterday.  She was a character and will be missed. Dad told mom but her dementia is such that she didn't take it in. Maybe it's better that way.
I've been voted into a small local book club.  One of my SILs is a member, otherwise I can't think how my name came up.  The rules are No Self Help books, or books over 450 pages, which is fine by me.  I asked if trashy military romance novels were OK. (I had been offered a lot of wine by the hostess prior to this)  They all looked at me like...they had made a very big mistake.

*PICS ARE HERE:  I just need to see them and remember how very very blessed I am...


  1. Oh, B, bless you for this post! Misery loves company and I now feel SO MUCH better. (Prob very wrong of me to appreciate your misery... but you know what I mean.)

    I'm so sorry for the sad events lately.
    I do love the romance novel suggestion-- VERY FUNNY. Those ladies don't know what's comin' to them!

    Thank God your dad couldn't hold up the motorcycle! (obviously your fault. of course.)

    And hey, I see some red, white, and green in that living room. Decorated. Now rest!! <3

  2. You're really cute when you get crabby. Have some wine….

  3. It's not my business to intrude. However, you seem to have other family and they don't appear to help with your parents.

    Your HUGE heart keeps things going there. However, you are not made of steel.

    Time to sit back with a glass of wine and flip everyone off.

  4. Your are holding on...but it looks like by the skin of your teeth. I am so sorry because you clearly deserve a evening of wine or a couple of day trips and I would certainly welcome you in my book club. I am not a joiner so do not have a book club and do not read trashy novels, so you might be just what I needed. This time of year is tough.

  5. Great family, crabby is ok, you've got a handful there, six ways from, dare I say, Christmas. Providence was watching out for your Dad!!

  6. Sometimes, like a safety valve on a pressure cooker, a little venting is good.
    So sorry about you aunt. Perhaps dementia can be a blessing when it comes to losing loved ones.
    The pictures at the end prove you have tons of reasons not to be cranky and you know it.

  7. You have much on your plate. I just finished a wonderful book by David Hawkins titled Letting Go.
    Although the title is overused, the content of the book is workable and true. I downloaded it through Amazon onto my Kindle app on my iPad.

    It is very good.

    At our age, most of what comes our way is out of our control. Aging parents, disappointing siblings, holiday malaise, and all the rest.

  8. Keep on hanging in there Dammit! :-)

  9. JENNY: Can't keep a Berserker down for long... to better days for all of us.

    CW SWANSON: LOL, thanks I needed that remark!

    LL: aah, You are a special guy, always there to have our backs.

    TABOR: I realized (after wine) that I'm a bit of a loner, and maybe it's time to change that?!

    CELIA: They are my Blessings. God only knows what he will come up with next, lol.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Venting is good, venting on a blog....?

    CHERI BLOCK: Thanks for the book referral. I may shamelessly ask your input when it is my month to pick the book.

    OLD NFO: I will, Dammit!

  10. Bless you for taking care of your parents. That is a difficult time in life, but you will get blessings from all the pain and headaches.

    Loved the pics. You are all the more blessed with a family like that.

  11. Thanks for the tree post. It looks noble, there in its stand.

    And what a good idea for a "military romance" book & wine club.

    One of my sisters writes something similar(!) and it pays(!!) remarkably.

    God bless + prayers.

  12. EURIPIDES: Thanks, I am blessed, they are awesome grandkids.

    LSP: Great about your sis being an author. What is her nom de plume?
    Thank you for the blessing & prayers.