Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kick'n it up...

You remember the pic of Daniel taking Lauren (my granddaughter) soaring to invite her to the prom... well here are some pics from prom:

Aren't they the cutest couple!

As for granny: new IWB holster...

 and the boots are back, & ready to do some high country kick'n it up...


  1. He's the Oregon T-shirt wearin' guy, right? I still like him, can't go wrong with a Duck.

  2. FREDD: Yep that's him. I have a feeling that Lauren got him that all my daughters kids are huge Ducks fans.

  3. ....and should he misbehave, there's grandma with her cattle prod and handgun to explain how the cow eats the cabbage.

  4. You can tell she is your granddaughter. What an adorable couple!!!!
    Looks like you are all loaded and ready to go.

  5. Looking good! And he DEFINITELY doesn't want to piss granny off... LOL Looks like they did a good job on the boots too!

  6. Congratulations on the beautiful grand daughter - and the new cowgirl boots are pretty nice too!

  7. LL: Damn straight...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Thanks! I am so ready to spend some time in a hot spring in a high meadow...

    OLD NFO: LOL, no he doesn't! We have a great local boot repair and they are reasonably priced.

    C W SAWNSON: Thank you, and Congrats to your graduate!

  8. They do look very stylish and fabulously colour co-ordinated!

  9. Her dimples are perfection! What a lovely couple.

    Get those boots in gear! :)

  10. GRANNYMAR: Thank You.

    JENNY: She is a good kid.
    The boots are ready, the Cowman has a map to the hot springs...