Wednesday, May 20, 2015

old hand...

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful the weather has been here.  Cool nights, warm sunny days, slight South breeze, thunder boomers in the distance.  It makes it doubly hard for me to stay inside, so I don't.  

Still working on down sizing the landscaping jungle, and putting in a small veggie garden. Home grown always tastes better.
I used to go through garden gloves really fast, I quit buying the cutesie girly ones long ago. Went on to plastic, leather, canvas, you name it, I burned right through them all. And then I found The gloves, they are the best all around gloves for me, and have held up through it all: rocks, rope lava rocks, gravel, clay soil, rough hoe handles, loppers, chain saws, brush... well you get the idea. 

They are tough, lessen hand fatigue and are inexpensive.   So far, I can only find them (Mad Grip Pro Palm Knuckler Performance Work Glove w/grip injection tech) online through Amazon or sometimes HD. The only downside that I have found is after a few hours they make your hands smell like old gym shoes, really nasty gym shoes... But you were going to wash your hands when you came in anyway, right.


  1. You should wash your hands before you make supper for Dad...unless you don't want his poker friends mooching your chow. Then don't wash your hands.

  2. I am not convinced that home grown veggies taste better than the stuff at Piggly Wiggly (or Kroger, Safeway, Jewel, A&P, Ralph's, etc).

    We've tended a 24' x 16' garden for about 10 years now, and have pretty much given up trying to keep ahead of the rabbits, deer, ground hogs and Japanese beetles. We now just pick the asparagus every year, and plant some fresh herbs. Otherwise, if we have a hankerin' for fresh tomatoes, it's off to Piggly Wiggly.

  3. No extra flavouring added round here, I always waswh my hands.

  4. LOL, if they work, it's not wrong... and what's a little smell between friends?

  5. The garden my neighbor put on my property is beginning to flourish. Right now we are abundant in swiss chard and turnips. Love garden time especially when I only sit back and reap the rewards of their labors. Posted my email to you on my blog today.

  6. LL: Grin...No worries there, my lack of cooking skills precedes the stinky hands.

    FREDD: I plant worm wood and feverfew around and among the veggies to help keep the critters away.
    Those aren't tomatoes at the grocery store, they're red rocks.

    GRANNYMAR: What type of gloves do you wear?

    OLD NFO: Exactly!

    GRANNY ANNIE: Wise woman. Thank you for the note!

  7. Homegrown always tastes better! As for lousy gloves... I keep seeing articles about how soil under your nails somehow introduces microbes that your body needs and they combat all sorts of stress.
    Well, it sounds nice. So don't worry about the soil manicure if the gloves fail... :)

  8. JENNY: They are great gloves, just very stinky! I have a lot of years of hands in the dirt, and a good immune system... lol