Thursday, May 28, 2015

Range notes...

In the process of getting older I have mellowed, sorta like a fine range pie...

Things that might have troubled me in the past, don't any more.
Yesterday was a good example.  The Wed. Gal Shooters invited me to the range with them. (T my regular instructor, is busy getting ready for a summer of flying, cruising & fishing with his lady in Alaska...sigh)
It was a beautiful day to be on the range, which was nearly empty.

Except, for a couple of the guys that are nice, and one other fellow, who trash talked about us big time to the other guys.  The other guys just ignored him, and shook their heads.  When he came down to our end of the area, he started in directly on us for stuff that had nothing to do with us.  And to inform us that He was an Executive Director of the range...  I kept my mouth shut, I'm not a member, but the other two ladies are!  Finally he drove off. (I would bet that his wife runs that show.) By this time I could see sparks coming out of Tina the Terror's ears, and a curl of smoke from the top of Boom Boom Bet's head.  After a discussion on ways to alter his attitude, we went back to shooting. 

 In the past I might have been in the middle of this,  now I just smile and let them sort it out. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Executive Director though, because not many are fool hardy enough to mess with Boom Boom Bet, and Tina the Terror...


  1. Petty fools... sorry that you had to endure one, but I'm also happy that you had a fun day at the range.

  2. So you are saying that some guy who earned a position of Executive Director never learned not to piss off ladies with guns???

  3. Well we know he is stupid to trash talk ladies who are armed. Proud you let his comments fall into the useless pile.

  4. Good for you. All that guy did was prove what an ass he was!

  5. Petty tyrants come in all sizes and sexes... Hope he gets taken down a few notches!

  6. LL: It was a big mistake on his part, he obviously didn't realize who he was hassling. I did have fun shooting the Sig & the Walther and the honking big cannons (revolvers) the ladies were shooting.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Not the brightest move on his part, for sure!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Yes ma'am!

    GRANNYMAR: He sure didn't know when to quit digg'n his hole...

    OLD NFO: Yes sir they do. He has made sure of it...

  7. Well you might try something like this: My wife, Mrs. Woodsterman, used to have a sign on her desk at work. It read, "I have PMS and a hand gun." He did realize you ladies were packing, right?

    How is that new 22 of yours doing? My last purchase was a Ruger Model 1 (I think ... it's locked up because the grandson is here). Anyway, the ammo is cheap for target shooting and it's 6" barrel helps plink pine cones at 50 yards. It looks like the old German Luger.

  8. WODDSTERMAN: He was so enthralled with his own greatness that I don't believe he noticed that we were armed to the teeth.
    The new Walther is mighty fine to shoot. The ammo is much cheaper that's for sure. My only concern is that the safe on position is the opposite of the Sigs.
    It is a darn good thing I'm not into new shoes, clothes, purses, or other girly things... I just came home with a sales slip for a sweet 10/22 Ruger/with scope for Appleseed & varmints.

  9. A nearly empty range is a happy range, I always think. Too bad it wasn't empty enough...

  10. LSP: I have a feeling his actions are going to have consequences.