Monday, June 1, 2015


Dang it, I don't appear to have mellowed quite as much as I thought I had...

The Administrator of mom's will roared into town, to meet with lawyers & open mom's safe deposit box.  I explained to the Admin, there is no key here, so you will most likely have to have it drilled (see locksmith, see $$$). "Tisk, the bank will open it for me,"  said the Administrator. Apparently they wouldn't.
 Dad was really looking forward to having the Administrator spend a few days here fishing with him. "Tisk, my schedule is too busy for that!" said the Administrator.  Looks at me: "You aren't doing anything, bring him up and I'll take him fishing."  Dad's face fell, he wanted to fish in his home waters. So, I told the Administrator, "I'm sorry, Dad's schedule is too damn busy to accommodate you."  The Administrator did not appreciate my remark, but Dad got the sparkle back in his eyes and a shit kicker grin on his face!
As the Administrator roared out of town, I loaded up Dad and took him out to the golf course for an afternoon of BBQ and cards with his cronies. 
While Dad was at the golf course I went to my favorite local gunny shop for ammo.   Mentioned to the guys that I might be in the market for a 22 rifle for varmints and Project Appleseed, if I got a good deal on it. I now have a ten day wait for a barely used 10/22 Ruger with a good scope, and they threw in some Hot Lips mags, and a sling.
In comparing the work order quote from my auto dealer, I saved enough ordering the replacement part for the SUV and installing it myself to pay for the Ruger. In fact, I had enough left over to order a second hand copy of  "Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook".  Who the heck knows, I might just learn about cook'n! 


  1. Sounds like you're not happy with an older brother (Administrator) or something? Sounds like you're getting my 22 rifle. They are honeys.

  2. We will have you sharing recipes next! have fun.

  3. That's just sad. Apparently he doesn't realize that there is no time to lose with your Dad. He'll be too busy, I bet, until it's too late. Good on you for giving him his comeuppance, as my mother would have said.

  4. The Ruger 10-22 is a fine rifle.

    And yes, I think that it's high time that you learned to cook beans ;^)

  5. I have that gun also. It is a great varmint rifle.
    Great way to save money and beat the dealer. Sure makes one feel good.

  6. WOODSTERMAN: Correct, I am not happy about the Admin's attitude towards Dad. Looking forward to shooting the 10/22, all those that have one like it.

    GRANNYMAR: The cookbook is turning into a fun read, and has many recipes my Dad would like. It is tough to keep him eating enough, so I'm hoping it helps.

    GRANNYSUE: It is sad... he is very angry about something and the fallout comes down here. If it were just me, no worries, but doing it to Dad, no way!

    LL: Many agree with you, and I hope to have a long and happy relationship with it.
    Hopefully the cook'n book will help. I have a year in book club time to learn how to make desert...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Yea, to varmint rifles! I could not believe the amount the auto dealer's service department wanted for the part and labor. Trouble is cars are getting so complicated that its gotten difficult for the average gal to work on them...

  7. Get an M1903 sling and learn how to use it. There ARE tricks and tips available on youtube. Look for videos by Blackfork. And a little tip, once you get it set correctly, mark the holes you want to use. Also, when setting your scope up, set the eye relief for prone shooting. And sight it in for 25 meters... Just sayin...

  8. I never had much use for a .22 caliber weapon. Sure, they can plink, but I tend to only view guns anymore as something that I can use for defense of me, my property and my family. And a .22 falls a bit short for that duty. And even a rifle is a bit much for me, too long, too unwieldy for personal defense.

    .357 Mag is my choice, 4" barrel, and no more complicated than a revolver to keep malfunctions to a minimum, but hey, that's just me. To each his own.

  9. OLD NFO: Yes sir, and thank you for the info. Spent yesterday at the range with my instructor and one of the gunny store guys. Your suggestions and a few other mods are being implemented.

    FREDD: I want to take a couple more Appleseed courses, and I like plinking. It is not my personal defense weapon, but it can get me dinner...

  10. Brighid, I wish I could afford to fly you and your dad over. You could go varmint-hunting and get yourself a nice red fox tail and Bert could take your Dad fishing in County Fermanagh.

  11. That old fashioned way of putting dinner on the table (killing something) is certainly an activity that is widely popular here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, where the deer and the antelope play (unless Brighid is lurking in her blind, ordinance in hand...).

    Me, I'm a Rennaisance Man - strictly a meat and potatoes guy, and rather than have to remove lead bullets from dinner prior to Grace, I let Piggly Wiggly do all of that, you know, gutting, hanging, butchering, all the yucky stuff...

  12. I've been meaning to get a 10/22. Great value rifle; if you're ever after a value bolt, the Ruger American .22 is also hard to beat.

  13. NELLY: I wish that too.

    FREDD: You're such a polyhistor!
    I've only ever hunted (ducks) from a blind once. The rest of the hunting has entailed many miles of walking, stalking, packing...
    There are no Piggly Wigglys here!