Sunday, June 7, 2015

Road Tripp'n...

Saturday I loaded Dad and his walker in the SUV and drove an hour South to see Marymine and two of my granddaughters at their fair's Jr Livestock Auction.

Dad and his great granddaughter Ali

I hadn't received the passes from Marymine to get Dad and I in the gate or the SUV on the grounds. There were others ahead of me being turned away because they didn't have the requisite passes. So I went with my access strategy... and we were through with no problems.  It always amazes me that if you act like you are supposed to be somewhere and exude quiet confidence, others will assume you are supposed to be there.

no speeding allowed in the livestock barns area

We didn't get to visit with Marymine other than brief hugs as she was very busy working the sale. 

When Lauren got in the sale ring with her steer the auctioneer said, "OMG, The girl with the Million dollar smile!"  She sold her 1,100lb steer for $4.75/lb.  Not nearly matching that smile, but it will pay the bills and boost her college fund.

 After making the rounds of old friends and gathering as many hugs as possible, I loaded Dad back up and we headed to the Steelhead Lodge for lunch on the river. 

 It was HOT, humid, and the cottonwood duff was thick and flying everywhere. The food was well worth a few  minor inconveniences.

When we finished lunch we loaded up again and I took the long way home so Dad could see some country that he hadn't seen in years.  

It was a good day...


  1. Sounds like a great day! And any day spent with family is worth it!!!

  2. Very handsome dad you have, Brighid. Sounds like a really fun day.

  3. What is the highway patrol doing riding horses? I mean really?

    The day looked fun, well spent and I'm glad that you had time with your granddaughter. That stuff is important.

  4. mmmmmmmhhhh!!!! Belgians! Mine,the best ever, was named "Large Marge the Love Barge. Licked the back of my head when scooping. Feet the size of saucers, and always knew where to put them.

  5. Looks like an excellent day. :)

    Bit of berserker confidence will get you in most places! Glad you got to gather up those hugs!

  6. Fabulous day. Great way to make school money too. Your Dad looks really happy, cool.

  7. That's awesome. I think we have "Operation Meadow Valley" set up for Dad but we'll see.


  8. that first photo made me think you were in the snow!

  9. Looking like you're supposed to be there works about 87% of the time. A buddy and I bought two 'obstructed view' tickets on the cheap for a Cubs game, and those got us into Wrigley Stadium. 45 minutes prior to the first pitch, we sat right down in two seats directly behind home plate, two rows up, and pretended we belonged there.

    Nobody asked for our tickets, or showed up to sit in those seats. We of course, never got up for the entire game, because the likelihood of returning to them was remote. But we called balls and strikes for nine innings on the cheapest tickets available.

    Just act like you know what you're doing. Even if you don't. Works most of the time.

  10. That sounds like a long but interesting day. I bet you both slept well after it. Well done to your grandaughter on winning smiler of the show!

  11. OLD NFO: I have sorely missed seeing my grandkids. It was a Great Day.

    ADRIENNE: Thanks,he is doing pretty darn good for 91.

    LL: Yep, that's the N Cali CHP, a little slower pace than you So Cal suburbanites...

    GLENN 609b: LOL, what an interesting name! One of my neighbors raised Percherons, wonderful gentle giants.

    JENNY: Berserkers in the Underbrush!

    CELIA: Thanks, Dad is doing good, he is kept pretty busy fending off the packs of ol ladies...

    BRIGID: I pray your Dad gets up there for the summer. As I may be burn'n up that piece of road and would love to visit with him. Hugs Brig

  12. TABOR: You lost me there? Was it because of the bright sunlight?

    FREDD: I'm in awe of your expertise!

    GRANNYMAR: Thanks. She got a lot of help from her sister, but that smile is all hers!

  13. Sounds like a great day, but is that why steak is so high at Savemart?

  14. I can see that your dad is a great guy. And how lucky to have his grandchildren and daughter in his life at this stage.

  15. WOODSTERMAN: This is not the steak you are getting at Savemart. I have heard rumors that Savemart steak is from old corriente rop'n

    ANONYMOUS: Thanks, we are blessed to have him still with us.