Friday, June 19, 2015

Guns, Gals and Great Butts...

My gunny mentor is in the wilds of Canada on his way to fly, fish, hunt in Alaska for the summer, so I figured I wouldn't hear from him for a few months.  Ha, he has been sending texts on which places have the best parts/up grades for my guns. As well as large hints about my getting into Front Sight.
The Ruger 10.22 is home. Sweet little rifle, fits me to a T. Hot Lips mags are working it. Varmints beware...

The local range has had a lot of little ol jingle worms about lately.  A few days ago, one of the guys got this one: 
(notice he is wearing SoCal snake boots, a'la LL)
range rattler

Meanwhile, LG and I went North to pickup a mare & filly of hers that had been at Gail's ranch for AI.

LG raises some of the best ranch & rope horse prospects around.

Gail has had her share of jingle worms lately, with one getting her favorite hen in the foot. The hen is going to make it, not sure if her toes will though.

After a ranch Gals discussion on irrigating pastures,

Gail's cows shaded up

 snakes, breeding mares, chickens, and the weather we loaded up Opal and Biscuit for the trip home.

Bloodlines will tell.  What a great Butt on the little filly, Biscuit. 



  1. I kill rattle snakes on sight and leave them for the vultures.

    California snake boots are important when you are sending your snake finder ahead of you. I'm thinking of hiring homeless inner city people to do the front work for me. I will issue them the appropriate CA snake boots.

  2. LL: Same here, except I bury the heads so the dogs don't get in trouble.
    Around here it is preferable to be the one in the lead. Lead makes'm mad, but they tend to strike at the second person.

  3. You're going to love that 10.22.

    I used to work in your neck of the woods on loan when I was with Pac Bell. I do NOT fondly remember the four things I regularly ran into. Let's see, there were Wasps (BIG BASTARDS TOO that would build nests in our splice closures), Blackberry bushes (surrounds most of the telephone poles by 20 feet), Poison Oak, and last but not least we can't forget Rattlesnakes.

  4. WOODSTERMAN: I'm excited to have it for plinking and varmints, as well as a couple of Appleseed shoots that are coming up in the fall.
    We don't have too many blackberries, but we do have all the rest in abundance. OMG, those damn wasps, they like to build in the metal gates and nail you when you go to open or close one.

  5. Ah yes, the 'joys' of country living... Too bad you can't export them to the inner cities, you'd get rid of the homeless in a hurry! The ONLY good jingle worm is a dead one! And you're right, being #2 is NOT a good place to be in the order...

  6. Odie: yes, wasps, blackberry bushes, poison oak and rattlesnakes are all painful to run into. Those are rural pests, but us urban folk have our scurges, too: mimes. If you've never been cornered by an aggressive mime, consider yourself lucky. It's horrible.

  7. OLD NFO: Much better to be Country! CONGRATS on the release of your third book:

    FREDD: I have and it is horrible, thank goodness I had a brand spank'n new shovel handy...