Monday, June 15, 2015

Constant Delight...

Have you ever had that feeling that something is going to happen shortly, but you can't discern what, and it's mak'n you twitchy as all get out?  The only thing you do know is that ol berserker shield maiden cowgirls don't heal up as quick as they used to. 
Has it been more than a week since some lawyer or self-righteous relative has visited trouble on you?
Did you ever have one of those days where you can't decide whether you are running the show or just along for the ride?

 Are you just plum tired of all the stuff being put out there...

 I work at being a Constant Delight...  It puts the sparkle back in Dad's eyes, and he gets exercise from all that head shaking and laughter.  At this point that's what matters most.


  1. You have succeeded in your efforts to be a constant delight!!

  2. That it is... and I thought the Lone Ranger was supposed to be in front... LOL

  3. Not sure what you are doing to delight everyone...? Maybe you should share?

  4. LL: Why thank you... it is an ongoing process though.

    OLD NFO: LOL, Not when Tonto looks & rides like that! Kemosabe...

    TABOR: Oh I'm not trying to delight everyone, just Dad.

  5. By way of response: Yes. True. No. Oh yes. Very, yes. And you are indeed!! :)

  6. You have made the old guy happy! That is all that matters. Hang in there cowgirl!

  7. The gal in that poster appears to know how to use that sidearm.

    Her pupil is dead spot on the gun sight, I'll guarantee she'll hit what she's aiming at. And that pistol is a darn sight bigger than a .22, from what I can tell.

  8. As far as I can tell I'm just along for the ride, and to fix things that are broke.
    Is that a .44-40 or are you just happy to delight me? :-)

  9. JENNY: Bless you... you get it!

    GRANNYMAR: I'm sure as shoot'n try'n.

    FREED: She's been practice'n at the range with her little bitty cannon.

    OLD NFO: You now understand the big picture.

    NOTCLAUSWITZ: I hope your lady appreciates your ride along. Size matters!

  10. Size does matter! I am tall-man and reach the high places that need cleaning. Also the stuff that's broke is usually because I broke it.

  11. NOTCLAUSWITZ: Lighten up on yourself, it can't all be because you broke it, somethings just are...

  12. WOODSTERMAN: LOL... Bless your heart, young man!