Saturday, June 13, 2015


Mid week I got the neighbors to keep an eye on Dad & Willie so I could test out the little SUV on a mountain drive. With the 1,500 mi road trip coming up I thought it might be wise to shakedown my setup beforehand.  Loaded up my boots, guns, flying things, and headed out.  I made good time, and was happy with all systems on the Rav4. It corners well, has the power to pass easily, and hill climbs with little effort. (Still getting used to the fact that I have a/c after many years without it in the ol Explorer.)

High Sierra meadow

 Got up to the high country and flew the PJI Phantom. (a big thank you to LL for that recommendation.) 

 Flew it, and flew it, and flew it, til a big thunderstorm and darkness shut me down.  It's a hoot to fly that thing. 
Up early the next morning, coffeed up, and was on the road again.  Northern California is incredibly beautiful, there is so much to see and experience. 

Lake Almanor and Mt Lassen

 After a stop for more coffee, a bagel, and to stroll through a garden nursery in Chester, I decided to take a little side trip into Lassen Park. Lassen is one of those under appreciated by the masses national parks, which is fine by me.  I used my national parks senior lifetime pass to enter the park.  The one time $10 fee for a lifetime senior pass is a bargain, and good in all national parks and many other federal places. 

You can get an idea of the height of the trees by comparing them to the woman in the bottom left corner of the pic.
As I was driving into the park I almost got hit by a big doe that jumped off the side hill onto the road.  My brakes work fine. Check.
Drove out of the park, and followed the creeks and canyons down the mountain to home.
A nice couple of days, though I do think a couple more shakedown trips will be needed before the big trip with Dad. 


  1. It's good to shakedown the vehicle before a trip, but with scenery like that, you don't need an excuse to go out for a romp.

  2. Take me along next trip. I would be good, promise.

  3. For most of the rest of the U.S., this kind of scenery is found just about anywhere in the Great Northwest, to include northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and parts of Nevada and Utah.

    If you're from there (I am), this stuff is ho hum. Nice still, but it's everywhere.

  4. LL: Truth.

    TABOR: Get pack'n!

    FREDD: Tis sad that you feel it ho hum. I was raised here, but the beauty of it all still amazes me, and never gets old.

  5. Lovely tour,, I have gotten lots of fun out of my senior pass too.

  6. Don't get me wrong, it's all nice. But being raised there, beauty is normal. Maybe ho-hum is the wrong word. If ho-hum is even a word.

    Much like the water. Oregon has the best water in the country. Growing up, water was water. I gave it no thought. But once I moved away from the area, I have yet to live anywhere that had decent tap water. You don't know what you got till YOU'RE gone. (a little twist on Joni Mitchell's ditty).

  7. Not a bad idea at all! Good planning prevents problems at the wrong time!

  8. Scouts honour, you will be well prepared for the long trip. I enjoyed your scenery.

  9. Well you got close. It's nice up there isn't it. I've been through there a few times, but Lassen was closed most of the time.

  10. CELIA: Glad to hear others are enjoying that pass. I have found (the hard way) that they aren't applicable in state parks, especially in WA. lol

    FREDD: Come home to real water, big mountains, tall trees, beautiful lakes, and a few crazies...

    OLD NFO: Planning on my part does not mean there will be less problems, just that I will have a reasonable expectation of how to survive them...

    GRANNYMAR: Thanks.

    WOODSTERMAN: I don't think I was all that far from you at one point in the big loop.
    Love the diversity where the Cascades meet the Sierras.