Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It runs in the family...

granddaughter Ali  driving tractor
 All Marymine's crew are well and busy with farming, school, and sports.

Haven't gotten to see my Sean since June, and that is a long time between hugs for his mom.   He is a workaholic, so it was great to see photos of him enjoying time away from the grind with family. He and his girlfriend flew to Vegas for the weekend, and he happened to meet up with two of his cousins (there for a friend's wedding). 

It has also been too long since Granny got to hug on Sean's girls. Photos are great but it isn't the same. His oldest, Jacey and her BF going to Home Coming 2016.

Miss B being the cutie she is.

I have been trying to stay out of trouble here, and for the most part succeeding, well other than punching my Yoga Instructor   
We were doing the circuit training part, before the yoga part, and I was on the station that was: punch, punch, elbow, elbow, kick, kick.  (The punch part is a controlled move, not a wild swing.) That's what I was doing when my instructor said, "you need a target, here..." and Bless her heart, she stepped right in front of me, just as I punched.  Her reflexes are good enough that she was able to block the punch. (My control was such that I pulled the punch, and if you believe that you are way slower than I thought...) We laughed, all was good. 
Later my hand went a little cattywampus, but Doc says it isn't broken, Yay! Doc was funny: "Haven't seen you in two years! You take no medications! Still doing all the things I told you not to?" 
"Yep!" I said. 
"BP is 110/68, hand is badly bruised, but that's not your preferred gun hand, now get outta here." 
Next yoga class I'm going with a honking big fake cast on my hand and arm, cause warrior granny yoga is not for sissies, and attitude runs in the family...


  1. LOL, why am I NOT surprised you punched somebody... :-P

    1. Old NFO,
      Well really! she walked into it. I told her what doc said, and she laughed.

  2. Dang that is some serious yoga. Glad nothing is broken though and hope the instructor is OK too. She will learn to mess with you.
    That is one honking big tractor your grand handles.

    1. Arkansas Patti,
      It is a pretty serious group, except for me... Nothing broken and the instructor is fine. As I told Old NFO we laughed about it today in class.
      All my grandkids could drive trucks/tractors/bankouts etc early on. Just part of the life.

  3. That is one fancy tractor.

    1. LL,
      It sure has all the bells and whistles, GPS, electronic nav, large color display monitor, etc. etc... I learned on a Johnny Pop, but then they weren't $400,000 a piece either.

  4. Beautiful family. You are a rough and tumble gal. Would love to be a little bird and spy on your daily life.

    1. Granny Annie,
      Thank you. You know I'm not really, pretty mellow, actually. Except in yoga, they said today that I was like the second grader that teacher wanted to have set right by her side, because she never knew what that kid was going to do next...

  5. Replies
    1. Woodsterman,
      She walked into it, swear to God. You can ask her. She even said so today.
      I like her, she tolerates me.

  6. That's a pretty awesome family, and I bet they all punch yoga instructors just as good as you do!
    Well, since Larry hasn't dropped off any photos of Ridgway yet, I'll dump a few here. I'm still looking for my pics from recent, but here are a few pro shots that do the area justice:
    The last one is just the Ridgway hot springs, but the scenery is pretty good.

    1. Grunt,
      Thanks, I am very blessed. So far I hold the record for punches thrown, but it's early days. lol
      Wow, first two are great photos, what beautiful country, third one I will leave for the guys.