Saturday, December 14, 2013

a half smile...

Midnight mass on the mountain is Christmas.

Christmas, filled with laughter & joy, when all the extended family get together.

One year we got such a honking big tree the Cowman put it in a tire rim off the stock trailer and tied it down with guy wires nailed to the floor.  Geez, you had to step over the guy wires to get to the bedrooms. The kids thought it was a great giant jungle gym. A cranky ol' cowdog named Ernie, ate all the ornaments off the bottom of the tree, then proceeded to puke sparkly things for days.

Ol' Ernie was inherited from one of the cowboys, he was too old to work cattle, but still hell on cats.  What a cranky ol thing he was, but when he loved you he would protect you with all he had.  If you put warm bacon grease drippings on his dog food, he would positively Protect and Adore you.  Simple things made him happy: lying in the sun by the gate, one ear cocked for the unwary, chasing cattle in his dreams, and a half smile if the bacon grease provider chanced by.



  1. Love that old dog. Their lives are just too short. BTW replied to your kimchi enquiry over on NG.

  2. NELLY: He was a lover & a warrior, albeit a cranky one. RE: BTW, I'll wait on your take. Thanks.

  3. Brought back memories. When the kids were little we had a big old barn of a house and got huge tree but ours was guy wired to the ceiling. Worked but was a little hard on the ceiling. ;-)

  4. Sometimes I think that I may be Ol' Ernie. Except for eating ornaments. Do they taste good?

  5. CELIA: Good times, good memories!

    LL: ROFL, always wondered what became of ol SEALS...

  6. Give me an "S"
    Give me an "L"
    Give me an "I"
    Give me an "M"
    What's it spell? My best friend -

  7. Ah yes, old cow dogs... :-) They ARE something else!!!

  8. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful Christmas. May you have many more memories like that (and other opportunities for bacon grease).

  9. GRANNY ANNIE: Oh, I had a McNabbBorderx named Slim!

    OLD NFO: They truly are!

    BRIGID: Ah thanks, the same to you & yours.

  10. A little grilled bacon dip for my bread and I will be a friend for life.

  11. GRANNYMAR: Bacon lovers, that's us!