Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elephant tales and Laughter...

 Simply put, I made a remark to my father this morning, to which he said " That was a smart ass remark!"  
"I am my father's daughter" I replied.
He looked at me with that spark in his eyes, hugged me, and said, "You sure as hell are."  We understand each other well. 

We seem to run to a certain kind of women in our family.  The red headed twins, my cousins, dad's brother's kids, stopped by today. It has been way too long since I have seen them.  They were on the way from Oregon to Frisco to watch the Niners play.  We laughed, and the banter flowed freely. Pictures were taken, and stories were shared.  Tales of three women who have seen the elephant.*


  1. I think that the term originated with Hannibal's invasion of Italy. The Roman's ran when they saw the Hannibal's elephants at the Battle of Cannae. In the parlance of 19th century America (primarily the Civil War/War of the Rebellion/War of Northern Aggression), it came to be a term associated with seeing combat.

  2. LL: I think that you are correct. Which reminds me to reread "Hannibal and Me". As a child I often heard the old cowboys use that phrase. In that context lay my reason for the *link.

  3. LL is right... And in many cases that was the LAST thing they saw... Hannibal's elephants were war beasts, trained to kill...

  4. Good thing that was explained. I was thinking more on the line of "pink elephants".

  5. :) Loved this--it sounded like my Dad and me. Hardheaded, we both were!

    Merry Christmas, Brighid my friend! May all your year be merry and bright.

  6. OLD NFO: Yes sir! In context,Please see the link.

    A PATTI: LOL, pink elephants!

    GRANNY SUE: Thanks, I am just a bit... and A Blessed Christmas to you & family.