Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still Believing...

This past year has been a rough one for my crew.  We have all moved at least once, and there have been more than a few big bumps in the road.  But... 
My Sean has managed to balance an enormous workload, and time with his girls. Never complaining, always there for his family.

 Bailey, our chatter box, is doing much better.

Jacey has developed a real talent for soccer.

 Marymine went thru a big bump, and managed to keep her head, and be there for her kids with amazing strength and grace. 
Ali is the most focused young lady I have ever known. Lauren has a wonderful sense of humor.

 Colt is a steadfast heart that keeps things running.

Cody, the devil doc corpsman to his very soul, has been on two deployments down range, this year alone. 

It hasn't been an easy year for any of them. They are all kind, good, tough, and honest and honorable to the bone, and I'm proud of them.
To the rest of the world they may be ordinary people, to me they are the world.
I have written our troubles on scraps of paper to burn away in the New Year's Eve bonfire, still believing in a future filled with love and laughter and family. 



  1. Great idea to burn away your troubles at the close of the year.
    Brighid, may your New Year be one of many blessings. Good health and happy times to all the family.

  2. Life is measured by the things that we endure and overcome far more accurately than the vacations we take.

  3. Responding positively to bumps is much more character building than if all went smoothly. Your group has preformed medal worthy.
    May 2014 be less tempering and a lot easier.

  4. Our paths are never guaranteed . . . He simply asks that we have faith they are as they should be. You family obviously has an abundance of faith and love, I pray your coming year's journey continue to be filled with the love and joy of family.

  5. My prayers for a good new year for you and yours.

  6. They do not seem ordinary to me. Glad you have such a lovely network. I like the idea of burning away troubles. I might just try that.

  7. ALL: Thank you for the kind words. Putting up a post at 1AM with a sinus infection & big time fever... does not lessen the love behind it.
    If you can't have a bonfire, shoot a note to GrannySue http://grannysu.blogspot.com/ and she'll burn it for you!

  8. Can't ask for much more! Best wishes for 2014!

  9. Happy New Year. I know you will have a good 2014 because you will make it so. Hope the burning of the old went well and felt good to have done it.

  10. May you find joy in 2014 Brighid. Happy New Year!

  11. You are blessed by this family, as they are by you.

    Big hug, my dear friend.


  12. OLD NFO: Thank you, blessed be.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Same to You. The burn went well, thanks.

    SIX: Blessed Be in this new year to you and the crew.

    BRIGID: The same holds true for you. Hugs & Thanks to you my friend.