Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tis the Season...

It came to pass... 
this cold morning as I hunkered down in the brush with my wiley Jack Russell tucked inside my old barn coat.   Occasionally tossing oak leaves into the air to check wind direction. Mostly, because who wants to be down wind of a farting JR.  
 Longing for another cup of coffee from my favorite Back Off Athol Idaho thermos. Dad's old 30-06 at the ready, as I glass the far ridges. 

There, in the distance a slight movement... the telltale flash of early morning sun off a flicked ear...

Steady now, as I wipe the deer jerky drool from my hunter's safety red/orange lipstick.
Come to granny blue eyes... come a little closer so your in range. Steady, keep coming, your almost...

Ahhh, that's plenty close enough, in fact it would help if you ran off a bit, damn.

Now, the neighbors are going to complain.

Wait... I can improvise, I have one of dad's compound bows in the garage, or... 
What do you mean the season's over here?!   There are signs every where "Tis the Season".    



  1. Lol, you're so funny! He's safe at your place, anyway.

  2. Is that last real? He looks so small for such a big rack. Mostly ducks here...early morning shots wake me as the sun rises.

  3. "Tis the season" here until Dec. 16th. Boom, boom, boom. It is a time I wish my dog was bright orange.

  4. GRANNY SUE: So good to hear from you! Hope all is well in your storied neck of the woods.

    TABOR: Yep, he's real, and small, and turning into a darn pest.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Sounds like it's the Season to Cabella k-9 hunting vest your dog.

  5. Not Rudolph I guess, hoping for a reindeer. ;-)

  6. Does he not realise he is twenty days too early! maybe it is just a practise run.

  7. CELIA: I was hoping for a clean shot at the buck. Reindeer are scarce as hen's teeth around here.

    OLDNFO: He was too little for much but jerky, which is fine by me. Thought he should be packing more weight with all the tasty landscaping and bumper crop of acorns around.

  8. You could hunt with a slingshot at that range.