Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beyond Words...

Stayed up late last night, standing outside, watching the snow fall.  No wind, so the flakes just drifted down, so quiet, so beautiful.  Loved every minute of it.


My grand daughter Ali, will soon be flying home from college for Christmas.  Can't wait to hug her.  

 Alison Ornbaun's photo.

I'm a hugger, and my crew knows it, since they have been hugged on from birth.  It's what I do, it's me, it's my I love you beyond words... 


  1. The Season warms hearts even though it's a bit colder outside. It sounds as if yours is about to be even warmer.

  2. I am a paid up member of the hugger club and counting the hours until Elly & George arrive on Friday for a weekend of hugs.

  3. I have not been a hugger. My parents were not huggers, my grandparents were not huggers. My children have rebelled and they are big huggers and have almost completely turned me into one. I like it.

  4. Enjoy the season and the family! :-)

  5. My parents were not hugged nor were they huggers. It was me and my siblings who changed things. Turned out the parents loved being hugged!

  6. Love those hugs, and hugs from your grandkids can warm you up for quite awhile.

  7. LL: Yep, it is!

    GRANNYMAR: Glad to hear your getting some hugs in!

    GRANNY ANNIE: YeeHaw...another convert!

    OLD NFO: Planning on it!

    NELLY: Ah, my soul sister you did good!

    CELIA: You are so right, Not much better than hugs with love!