Saturday, July 12, 2014


Yes, it is hot and dry here
 but, the bear wasn't around so I took the new small Sig to a far ranch for a class with the guru and to get some range time.
Left town at dawn and came home five hours later dirty, hot, and tired

but happy as could be with the little Sig. Another 450 rounds or so should have me were I need to be for the next class. 
My kayaking buddies were on the river, dang it. But I had already put in for this class a long time ago, and paid my money. 
There were a bunch of gals there, all short, most small.  I'm not that tall at 5'7" but I'm noticing more and more that I feel like I'm towering over the other women.  Put boots or heels on me and I feel like an Amazon. My son is 6'4" so I do get a little taste of being small when he's around.
Really, really need to find a relief care giver so I can go North to see my boy, feel small, get hugs, and be called maw. 


  1. 5-7 and a Sig is tall enough.

  2. I wish I could come help you out. Sometimes we just gotta be Maw.

  3. I sometimes find I am taller than many of the women I stand around and I am only 5.5! Everyone is shrinking at my age.

  4. Nice!! And I fully agree with LL . . . couple rounds center mass and the bad guy will care little that about your "vertical displacement"! :)

    Range photos?????

  5. Keep practicing and you'll be ready for big city living. Oh. perish the thought.

  6. Now that's a perfect way to spend the morning.

    And there ain't nothin' wrong with wantin' to be a maw for a bit.

  7. None of that amazon business! I find 5'7" plus a pair of kickers creates an unbeatable a cowgirl swagger. :)
    Hope you get a good hug from your boy asap.

  8. I started out small then shrank with age. Sigh. It once was an advantage for few men were off limits height wise. Now days however, I look for the likes of you in the stores to reach those high shelves. Enjoy the purified air up there.
    Hope you get your "son" fix soon.

  9. LL: Ya think so?

    GRANNY ANNIE: Thanks. Yes, Maw is a big chunk of who I am.

    TABOR: Does it seem like they are shrinking as we speak?

    E BILL: Thanks, some of my shots would have kept him from procreating at least... Sorry no range pics, I'm in Kalifornia.

    ODIE: Sadly it's for being safer in the country!

    EURIPIDES: It was a good morning! Thanks.

    JENNY: Hey I'm work'n on the gracious older lady here! I hope to get to see him this summer!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Ha, so why do shorties get cranky when you ask them to get something off the floor. Thanks for the hope on my son fix!

  10. Love pistol shooting and wouldn't mind getting a kayak for some river fun on the Brazos. Keep enjoying that Sig!

  11. Do what you gotta or make HIM come to you :-)

  12. LSP: Good on you! I hope you do get a kayak, they are so much fun.

    OLD NFO: I won't ask him to do that, he works darn near 24/7 to provide for his family. Got to do what I can to make it possible from my end. Thanks for all the guidance!

  13. 5-7 Viking grandma with attitude, cowboy boots and a Sig and a cattle prod? Darned strrrrraight, that's terrifying.

  14. LL: OMG ROFL... Damn Straight... I think that pretty much puts to rest my becoming a gracious older lady. You made my day!

  15. ha! :) good! save the gracious stuff-- there'll come a day for us all when it's the only thing left we can muster (at which point, we are allowed to say that we are being holy, not simply old and incapable of our earlier feistiness!)

  16. JENNY: I'm planning on taking the feistiness with me all the way.