Thursday, July 10, 2014

Texas fold'm...

Since I know your waiting with baited breath... I did not prank Dad's poker party. The voice of common sense reared it's ugly head and said this would not be a good thing to do to the ol guy.  

I did set up the poker tables & the bar, iced down three brands of beer, put out numerous  types of nuts, pretzels, mexi dip & tortilla chips. I did not put the popup Dolly in the ice chest... there are several duffers with heart conditions in the group.
While I was fixing dinner for mother, and they were waiting for the last couple of guys to get here, they held a lengthy discussion about cooking verses eating out when you are single. What! Who talks about cooking at Poker Night?  My assumption (back in Dad's Mission post) that cooking class might be the better approach was shown to be valid, Dammit.
When they started talking about housekeeping skills as a single guy, I beat a fast retreat to mother's room and watched the Giants game til they left.  What has my Dad been telling them? Who in heck talks about cooking & cleaning at Poker Night, I don't even know any gracious ol ladies that do that!
C came too, as he and his wife had gotten back from white watering in Oregon. He & his wife are sportsmen to the max, and have been so good for Dad. C is southern born & raised, likes to take on just about anything, and does it with class. He's perfect for his job of vetting future gov squirrels. C & wife have made a pact with me that we will keep dad as active as possible, and they will not drag ol guys by for me to meet, thank you Jesus!
The guys left laughing and with a good amount of Dad's money. As I was cleaning up, thinking that I had dodged a bullet with the match making business, Dad said, "I didn't know that Lin was single, he's a really nice guy, about your age, did you talk to him?" 
"Aaah, no. What does he do?"
"Nothing, as far as I know."


  1. Well, you do have your work cut out for you!!

  2. LOL, glad it went well... Except for your dad's losses...

  3. Hey, "nothing" is at least a clean occupation.
    Good luck. Doesn't sound like this is going away.

  4. At least your father wasn't arguing about the best quiche recipe.

    As to the money, I'm sure that he felt it was worth the party. Sometimes you hold 'em, sometimes you fold 'em. Sometimes you walk away, sometimes you run, etc.

    It sounds as if old Lin needs a woman to cook and clean for him and listen to his health complaints...

  5. Texas it is, then!
    And not to worry, we make exceptions for the immigration of certain Americans. The real question is whether you are truly Californian, because that's a separate planet altogether. It might be harder to get you the proper paperwork.
    Seems to me, though, that you'd fit in beautifully here. Plus-- no cooking required (or else I'd have been out a long time ago)!

  6. TABOR: I think it's Dad who has his work cut out for him.

    OLD NFO: Dad had a great time, and that was far and away the important part.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Nothing is nothing in my book. Dad's the one needing luck.

    LL: LOL, He doesn't know what quiche is, and I aim to keep it that way.
    He had a great time. I paid for all the goodies, so he was just out what he lost at the table...shhhh.
    Yes Lin does, but she sure as shoot'n doesn't live here!

    JENNY: Bless you, what a kind thing to say. If it were just me... but I have two kids, six grandkids, and my parents to finish raising before it's about me.
    I have a dear friend in Sugarland, TX and she is the best damn cook in the whole wide world. I think she invented fried chicken, mimosas, and the yummiest deserts. Plus she's a fabulous hugger. Steel Magnolia!

  7. As these scenes unfold do you ever pick out what movie stars will play the roles?

  8. I have this cousin Earl. He has most of his teeth ... LOL.

  9. "Most of his teeth" is better than, "some of his teeth"...

  10. GRANNY ANNIE: I will leave that up to you! Can't wait to find out who you would choose.

    ODIE: LOL--- Dammit, Odie I thought you were a friend. Earl! Seriously!

    LL: All of his teeth is better than Most of his teeth...