Thursday, March 5, 2015

Field fencing...

The field fence building course has begun, and by golly if an ol cowgirl can do it, darn near anyone can. Not that they would be jackwagon enough to try...

painting by Jamie Wyeth

Dad has decided to fence the back yard so Willie can run around outside.  With some highly technical figuring and blurry vision he has determined the perimeters of the courseIn order to put the fence in a couple hundred feet of landscaping jungle needs to be tamed.

I know the Cowman would have hired a fencing crew and given them a D4 to smooth the way. Isn't happening like that here.  Just an ol cowgirl, a small chain saw, pruning shears and a post driver...  

It is frustrating when you realize that you are long past having the strength of a 35 year old berserker or that you have to crawl to get into that glorious hot shower at the end of the day.


If you don't hear from me for a while, it is just that I haven't completed the course yet, or have gone off course in the underbrush...


  1. I'm with the Cowman. I'd hire a D-4 with a post hole auger on the back to strip, grade and hole. You could do it in 2 hours. Cost, minimal really. Getting those posts in with one of those top slammer things only works in an environment where there are no rocks to slam into. In any event, the corner posts need to go into concrete with braces (also in concrete) or the fence won't stretch right.

    As a young man growing up riding fence lines from time to time with a role of bailing wire and wire cutters to do repairs, I have experienced enough to agree with the late Cowman.

  2. What is a D4? Fencing bane of my life here in Northern Ireland. Bert can do, won't do. Waiting weeks for him to fence hen run, not so much to keep Foxy out but to keep young and
    lithe chickens in.

  3. Not sure what a bejerker is, but you have the patience and stamina to see this through. Just do not expect more than you can do.

  4. I admire your stamina, May the fence go with you!

  5. Ouch, I have done a ton of fencing in my day and even as a youngun , it was hard work. How about hiring a teenage boy to do some of the ugly stuff?
    Take it slow and easy as possible.

  6. LL: Yes, you are right, no, it won't here that way...
    Dad has decided to hire a guy to help me put it in, so there is that.

    NELLY: A D4 is a type of tractor. I put mesh deer fence around one of my chicken runs, worked good and easier to handle.

    TABOR: Berserker: a fierce Norse warrior. I will try to take it slow, but Dad is ansey to get it done.

    GRANNYMAR: Thanks!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: My mind thinks I can do as much as fast as I used too... My body says I don't think so.
    I helped the Cowman build fence a time or twenty, and usually rode with a couple pieces of baling wire and fence pliers to do repairs.

  7. eep! Not easy. Willie will be mighty grateful though! Glad you have some help coming.

  8. JENNY: Not easy, but the way it is. Willie is going to love to be able to run off lead. I'm glad about the help, too.

  9. D4 is a baby Caterpillar... I don't think they even make em that small anymore. And yes concrete the corners... Thankfully you're not stringing barbwire!!! And slow and steady...

  10. Sounds a lot like work. I tired just thinking about it.

  11. They rent those motorized post hole augers. I'd go down to the nearest farm equipment rental place and see if you could check one out for the morning.

  12. OLDNFO: I didn't know they don't make them any more... a lot of things aren't made any more...

    ODIE: LOL, me too.

    LL: Good idea, just not really feasible where the fence line is going due to shrubs, water lines, and a railroad tie terraced bank.