Monday, March 9, 2015


Even the lowliest of fence builders get a day off now and again, although Dad does not seem to agree with that statement. Dad does say, he and I are a lot a like in that we tend to go all in til a project is done.  Pacing ourselves does not seem to be part of our makeup. Dad has completed installing the two gates that were needed for the fence project. We only butted heads on a couple of things, and it all got sorted with minimal blood and no tears. 
I got quotes for the fencing and posts, and for a few dollars more can support the local guys. Will call PG&E to have them mark the underground utility lines before I drive the posts in, I don't want any surprises in that department. Between running for parts for Dad and bushwhacking the jungle it has made for long days.
 While on a parts run, I came close to getting rear ended  by a tractor/trailer rig as I was turning into the parts store parking lot,  and I cut the corner into the lot too sharp. An ominous pop came from my right front tire, clean busted the sidewall open. So I am out the cost of a new tire, which depressed one of my emergency contingency funds, damn!

While I'm working as Dad's fencing crew... the SILs are at the Oregon coast, and on the beach in Hawaii, T (the range buddy) & his lady are getting ready to vacation in Alaska, and the kayaking crew is in Arizona to watch spring training... I did manage to get away for a few hours with friends Sunday for some Diamond in the rough therapy.

As soon as the fence project is done, and I've replenished the contingency fund, I'm doing one of my favorite things, Grandkids Therapy!


  1. One of the best therapies around.

  2. You and your dad are certainly doers and that makes for success. Waiting to see photos of the fence. The tire replacement is nasty, but thank goodness it happened from turning into the store and not hitting a pothole doing 50. Grandkids are the best, are they not.

  3. dental treatment exhausted my emergency fund. I think I'd rather buy a tire. glad you came out of the incident unscathed and can still visit your grandchildren :-)

  4. Sounds like a plan! Sorry about the tire, but better a tire than a new truck!

  5. Heh - life. Just get a little bit ahead to where you can start to smile about it and then the unexpected happens and 'ya gotta start all over again. It's a law or something....

  6. Fencing is hard work but the results are very visible and rewarding.
    So sorry about the tire but glad no one was hurt, cept the tire and bank account.
    Enjoy those heavily armed grands.

  7. You'll be ready for a nice long dose of therapy!!! I hope it comes for you as soon as possible.

  8. My Dad and I were the same way. Could always work with him on projects. I sure miss him. He was my best friend.
    Sorry the tire got ruined. I hate when those things happen.
    I bet you are looking forward to Grandkid therapy. It is the best kind(-:

  9. NELLY: As you know, it is!

    TABOR: I will post pics when it's done. Grandkids are the best!

    GRANNY ANNIE: Bummer about the dental work, that can quickly add up.

    OLD NFO: Yes sir, and boy howdy has the price of tires gone up!

    CHICKENMOM: LOL,Damn straight! I have setup multiple emergency funds for that very reason.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Hard work never hurt a cowgirl far as I know. Miss my grands!

    JENNY: I hope it comes soon too. Gett'n a bit anxious to see them.

    CINDEE: From what I've read your Dad sounded like a great guy. You will always have him in your heart. How is the darling grand of yours?

  10. Call USA (Underground utility locating) and they'll send all the utilities to mark everything that's under the ground, such as telephone, gas, water, sewer, and even cable TV. If you hired a regular fence outfit they usually take care of that for you.

  11. ODIE: I did call them... and since we are doing it ourselves, with the help of a friend, "everyone" working on it has to have a separate request ticket...OMG.

  12. You are blonde in the best possible way.

  13. Fencing can be quite hard work, I've discovered. In England they make "dry stone walls" -- that's hard work too! Attractive though.

  14. So you've had your therapy and you've taken a rest. Is the fence finished?

    (tapping my foot, waiting for Willie's yard to be complete)

  15. LL: Thank you...

    LSP: Yes in can be! We have some beautiful stacked stone fences here, built long ago by the Chinese. I will have to take pics and post.

    LL: We are still in the process of getting utilities marked, and the helper has his own unique sense of time to work with as well. (keep tapping, it's good for your BP)